Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Amazon closes its wholesale e-commerce site for the third time in India

Amazon shuts wholesale e-commerce site, 3rd India business

Delhi, India:In the midst of tightening and rationalizations throughout the global tech industry, the US retail giant Amazon has now closed its third business in India, following its edtech and food delivery operations.

Amazon Distribution will be phased out, a wholesale e-commerce website for local small businesses in Bengaluru, Mysore, and Hubli.Through a dedicated portal, www.amazondistribution.in, it primarily served the requirements of local stores in the designated cities when it came to making purchases.

The move doesn't have anything to do with Amazon Business, which is a B2B commercial center "where 3P (outsider) merchants sell just to business clients who are fundamentally private companies and ventures".

In addition to ceasing operations of its Bangalore-based food delivery service, Amazon announced the closure of its education technology business, "Amazon Academy," last week.

Companies like Meta and Twitter have fired employees as a result of tech firms reorienting their global business operations, including India.Despite announcing a voluntary separation program for some employees, sources at Amazon India stated that the company has so far "not laid off" employees in the country. 

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