Monday, November 21, 2022

Biden turns 80, but the White House isn't in the mood for a celebration

Biden turns 80, but White House in no mood for a party

 WASHINGTON: Without precedent for history, a sitting president turned 80 years of age in the White House on Sunday however celebrated in no open manner.

It was only after mid-evening that First Woman Jill Biden posted a tender message, with two photographs of the couple moving in tuxedos and function clothing.

"There's no other person I'd prefer hit the dance floor with than you. Blissful Birthday Joe! I love you," Jill Biden tweeted.

It was the sole notice from the White Place of the birthday, and with no open occasion planned no sign arose of how, or regardless of whether, the president would commend his birthday.

Simply a day sooner, the Biden family facilitated an enormous scope fete at the White House - - the wedding of Biden's granddaughter Naomi, which was shut to the press.

Biden has a significant make a difference to examine with his family before long - - whether he will look for re-appointment in 2024.

He said at a public interview November 9 that he "plans" to run, and said he and his significant other will "slip away" for seven days eventually among Thanksgiving and Christmas to choose with his loved ones.

He vowed to unveil his choice in mid 2023.

Different ongoing surveys say a larger part of Americans don't believe that Biden should run once more.

While compelling figures who are north of 70 or even 75 years of age are more than adequate in the American political scene, the midterm races have gotten some underlying generational change the Progressive alliance.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 82, reported her choice Thursday not to run for another term as speaker of the Place of Delegates.

Biden went through an exhaustive clinical exam about a year prior, and the outcomes inferred that he was "a solid, lively" man who is fit to act as president.

Be that as it may, the afflictions of the Oval Office likewise have transformed Biden, who strolls now with a stiffer walk and endures snapshots of disarray.

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