Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Hive Social surpasses one million users: What is it and how can I participate?

 Hive Social is seeing an immense upsurge in clients with its Twitter account announcing it crossed 1 million "best pals" yesterday

With Musk's dramatic takeover of Twitter and the chaos that has ensued since, there's a great deal of discussion revolving around alternatives to the platform. A few superstars have even deactivated their accounts following the acquisition, even as Musk has over and over asserted that the platform is presently more active than it's at any point been. Defectors have taken to Mastodon, however the various technicalities involved in the sign-up cycle can keep clients off.

That's where Hive Social comes in with its easy-to-understand, beautiful interface that screams, "I'm worked for everyone." The platform saw a colossal upsurge in clients as of late, with its Twitter account announcing it crossed 1 million "best pals" yesterday. And in the event that you're wondering what the quarrel is about, we take care of you.

What is Hive Social

Hive Social was founded in 2019 by then-22-year-old Kassandra Pop and is a Gen-Z focused social app that combines the best components of various social platforms into one. The profile page has a lot of similarities with Twitter's profile page. The main landing page seems as though a mix among Twitter and Instagram. It has even picked MySpace's auto-play profile songs features for a real blast from the past - although the feature doesn't appear to be available in India at this moment.

While the app has got a timeline-based layout, this isn't the sole way of exploring your interests. At the right of the home tab on the bottom navigation bar, you'll find a search icon, what functions bounty like Reddit's as of late added Find Tab. Using Hive's investigate page, you can find new content across topics like cars, pets, science, tech, and gaming. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you have something more unambiguous in mind, you can basically input your question as a hashtag into the search bar atop to come by brings about an Instagram-like carousel layout.

What makes the app better (or more awful) is the fact that its landing page doesn't sort posts using any personalized algorithm. Instead, it sorts them chronologically, potentially making the platform less addictive. Up to this point, it appears the app has zero ads. Hive clients also 'follow' one another on the platform, as opposed to Facebook's friending implementation.

While the Hive's image-focused find page can lead clients to accept it's meant to mirror Instagram, you'll take note of that its "new post" page is almost identical to Twitter. Image are optional. You can post text-only stuff assuming you like and there's no character limit.

Step by step instructions to turn into a Hive "best pal"

Since Hive is a versatile only social platform at this moment, you can't join from your desktop and will instead have to utilize its iOS/Android app. The interaction is as straightforward as it can get:

1. Download the Hive Social app from the App Store in the event that you are an iPhone clients or Play Store assuming you are an Android client

2. Open the app and you'll see a "Create an Account" button

3. Tap that to either "Join with Email" or "Sign up with Google"

4. After you've entered your details you'll be asked to choose your interests - these interests will appear on the find tab

5. And done. You can now peruse the app and find individuals to follow as you like.

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