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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Oceanic+ app takes the Apple Watch Ultra to new heights

The Oceanic+ app offers wrist-accessible dive stats, a No Deco Planner, and everything recreational divers need to dive.

Despite the fact that the Apple Watch Ultra has been available for a few months, users are still unable to take advantage of one of its most distinctive features—the ability to function as a dive computer.This will change this week when Oceanic+ launches its diver app.

The Apple Watch Ultra can now be used for recreational scuba diving up to a depth of 40 meters, or 130 feet, thanks to this new app.Made by Apple in a joint effort with Huish Outside, the Oceanic+ application incorporates everything sporting scuba jumpers need from a No Deco Organizer and Logbook to plunge details, all open on the wrist.

The app's basic version is free, but the paid version has full access to all features, including decompression tracking and tissue loading.

How to get started with the Oceanic+ app After downloading the Oceanic+ app to their iPhone, they need to create an account and then a dive profile with information about their personal and emergency contact information, certification level and number, and any speciality training they may have.

Conservatism, gas, and custom alarms must then be set directly on the Apple Watch Ultra.When the watch is submerged, users can select auto-launch in the dive settings.The target dive time, target depth, and No Deco time can all be set in the custom alarms.Additionally, the app can notify you if the water becomes too cold.

The app will be very useful for dive planning.Taking into account the depth value entered, surface time, and gas selected, divers will be able to calculate their No Deco time with the watch's app.Additionally, the app collects dive conditions such as water temperature and tides, as well as information such as visibility and currents.The app can provide detailed marine forecasts up to three days in advance for each location selected, including surface temperature, water temperature, wind, UV, and tides.

Divers can also drop a pin and have access to a complete log book with GPS entry and exit locations.

App Oceanic+:Usability When you're submerged, having too much information can be difficult.Keeping this in mind, the Oceanic+ app's dive metrics are all straightforward and simple to read.

The app continuously calculates dive parameters using the B├╝hlmann decompression algorithm as soon as the user enters the water. These parameters can be accessed with just gestures without the user having to press any buttons.

The Digital Crown can be used to access additional screens, and the Action button can be used to set a compass heading.

Additionally, the Oceanic+ app provides safety stop guidance as well as decompression limits and excessive ascent rates.These are color-coded to help the diver better comprehend the situation.

To gain access to decompression tracking, tissue loading, the location planner, and an unlimited logbook capacity, Indian users will have to pay Rs 969 per month—or Rs 7,700 per year.Family Sharing provides access for up to five people at a cost of Rs 11,900 per year.

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