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Riots erupted in Brussels after Morocco defeated Belgium in the World Cup

Riots in Brussels after Morocco beat Belgium at World Cup

BRUSSELS:Following Morocco's 2-0 upset victory over Belgium at the World Cup on Sunday, riots broke out in several Belgian and Dutch cities.

After using water cannons and tear gas to disperse crowds in Brussels and eight more in the northern city of Antwerp, police detained approximately a dozen individuals.Rotterdam, a port city in the Netherlands, saw the injury of two police officers.The majority of the involved cities had experienced a reawakened sense of calm by late Sunday evening.

Cars were overturned and torched, electric scooters were set on fire, and bricks were thrown at cars by dozens of rioters.According to Brussels police spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere, one person sustained facial injuries, prompting the arrival of the officers.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, urged people to avoid the city center and stated that authorities were doing everything in their power to maintain street order.On orders from the police, subway and tram traffic had to be stopped.

"Those are rioters, not supporters.Close stated, "The Moroccan fans are there to celebrate."Antwerp and Liege were also the sites of disturbances.

Annelies Verlinden, the interior minister, stated, "Sad to see how a few individuals abuse a situation to run amok."

Police in Rotterdam, a port city in the Netherlands, said that riot officers were trying to break up a group of 500 soccer fans who were throwing fireworks and glass at them.In the capital, Amsterdam, and in The Hague, the media reported unrest.

Fans with Moroccan immigrant roots in numerous Belgian and Dutch cities enthusiastically celebrated Morocco's World Cup victory, which was a major upset.

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