Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Vistara CEO tells employees not to be concerned about their future

Do not worry about your future, Vistara CEO tells employees


"NEW DELHI:Do not be concerned about the future."Soon after Vistara's merger with Air India was announced on Tuesday, CEO Vinod Kannan reassured the airline's over 4,700 employees.

"That we are on this journey together and will emerge stronger at the end of it," Kannan, an aviation veteran who has helped establish Vistara as a passenger-friendly airline, assured them in a letter.After obtaining the required regulatory approvals, Vistara will be merged into AI by March 2024.

"So, what does this mean for our organization as a whole?"We are still committed to the growth, fleet, and expansion plans that we had laid out, which call for us to increase our fleet from 54 to 70 aircraft by the end of 2023."As Vistara," Kannan's email states, "this will continue, and we will gradually introduce new routes, new destinations, and new frequencies."

The CEO has asked employees to "ensure that we maintain and exceed the high standards that we have set for ourselves" in light of the 16-month integration period, which may be extended in the event of regulatory obstacles.

Getting to the root of the problem: "What happens to me (Vistara employees)?"In the new entity, what role will I play?His email reads:We have all put in a lot of time and effort to quickly build Vistara into the preferred airline in India.We are all aware that this has resulted in significant operational, financial, and personnel outcomes.Management, the board, and our shareholders have all noticed this.Additionally, the combined entity will greatly benefit from each Vistara employee's expertise, experience, and business acumen.Actually, the shareholders are counting on it."

He says, pointing to the potential of a huge Maharaja: "....There will undoubtedly be numerous chances for advancement, advancement, and growth.As a result, I urge you not to worry or speculate about your future. I can assure you that we are on this journey together and will end it stronger."

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