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Aamir Khan earned Rs 1000 per month while working on QSQT, and here's how fame changed his life: 'Mera jeena mushkil ho gaya tha,' says the speaker

 In the romantic drama Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, alongside Juhi Chawla, Aamir Khan made his acting debut as a male lead. The movie went on to become a big box office hit.

Did you know that Bollywood star Aamir Khan worked on his debut as a male lead in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and made Rs 1,000 per month? During a recent interview, the actor revealed the information as he discussed experiencing success with QSQT and comprehending what stardom meant.

The Mansoor Ali Khan film won seven Filmfare awards after it came out, but even though he was a newcomer, Aamir didn't care how much money he made or how many national awards his movie got.

Aamir stated to Humans of Bombay at that time, "I don't care about awards." I shouldn't be acting this way, but I was unsure about the awards. I did not regard them as highly. While the experience of making the film was a significant one for me, winning them wasn't all that significant to me. Mansoor is an extremely talented director and mind. I learned a lot and grew quickly. On that set, I was more than just their actor; I was also the first AD. During that time, I had a monthly income of Rs. 1000, which was sufficient for me.

Aamir went on to say that QSQT brought back families and young people to the theater, elaborating on the insane reception of the film.

When it came out, the price skyrocketed. I was shocked because I believed my work to be very average when families and young people flocked to the theaters. Mansoor's and Juhi (Chawla) work impressed me, but not mine. So, to my surprise, my first movie was a huge success, and I became a star right away. I didn't have any idea what was fame, yet things changed in light of the fact that I was unable to travel uninhibitedly any longer, individuals started to remember me. Then I borrowed an old fiat, but even then, people would see me and cars and trucks would stop, eventually blocking the road. "It was like a tsunami," the actor said.

Aamir Khan also talked about the warm reception he would get every time he shot in Delhi after the movie came out: I always stayed in a hotel when I went to Delhi. The phone would ring as soon as I entered the room. The operator would first talk to me, then her entire group of friends would line up to talk to her, and finally, the entire staff of the hotel, along with their families, would stop by to say hello. Mera jeena mushkil ho gaya tha (things were getting harder to deal with), so I started running away from everything because I'm a shy guy and don't like to be praised.

Aamir is currently on leave from his job, but he will appear in the family drama Salaam Venky, which stars Kajol. On December 9, the movie, which was directed by Revathy, will be shown in theaters.

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