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BTS's V and his distinctive style: How the international star and style icon avoids needless controversies and hostility

 In honor of BTS' V's birthday, we take a look back at his career and the ever-increasing number of devoted fans.

In an interview with Vogue earlier this year, BTS' V, the K-Pop sensation's vocalist, stated, "I may look calm, but I don't feel calm all the time." An assertion shows the unmistakable division between his stage presence V and his genuine character, Kim Taehyung.

These were the words that the fashion and global celebrity had spoken as he was being dragged into a never-ending slew of rumors about Blackpink's Jennie. On Twitter, there had been numerous photos of V and Jennie that had been clearly altered. Despite this, the rumors became more malicious, with hatred directed at both parties. Unlike his previous outburst on Weverse when rumors started to spread that he was dating a businessman's daughter, V didn't say a word about the constant trolling. But that was in 2021; in 2022, V has worked hard to present a calm and dignified persona. He still exhibits some of the childlike behaviors that made him so popular; However, he is aware that his presence is greater than ever. He still has a poker face and is blunt, and unlike Jungkook and Jimin, he does not completely indulge ARMY with flirtations. He sometimes gets into trouble for it, but he doesn't plan to change who he is because he knows that his true fans will stick around. He is the target of controversy and hatred wherever he goes, but the vocalist stands firm and ignores them. After the Grammys in 2022, he was allegedly seen smoking, making him an easy target for detractors once more. But he didn't say anything and decided not to talk to them. Instead, he decided to use his agency to pursue legal action when the Jennie rumors reached their peak.

Always there for his BTS family It is a common misconception among fans that he lives on another plane. This can be seen in the way that he shuts down in boring interviews or in his own personal philosophy. His humor is original and comes across unexpectedly, especially in serious conversations. V responded with a straight face, "Set everything on fire (a line from their song Fire)," while the other members recited their favorite emotional lines from their songs. The public image that he has cultivated is that of being blunt, which is the definition of a "mood," and straightforward, even when it attracts controversy. Sometimes, even his members are offended by his responses.

However, while V is so loved, is because of his defensive way of behaving for the BTS family, particularly Jin. V, who was furious, told Jin to stop blaming himself for not being as good a dancer as the others. V stormed the stage once more to reprimand Jin for apologizing to the members of the audience and the audience at the PTD concert in Las Vegas for feeling like a burden. V pays close attention to each of his members, whether it's visiting J-Hope while he's recording a song, making sure Jimin joined the band, or taking care of Jungkook when he's crying. His fans are won over by this combination of affection, eccentricities, and bravado, and it is what motivates them to defend him in the face of criticism.

Past BTS and Wooga Crew

V is an expert, everything being equal. He also possesses a rather deep, husky voice that can be caressing, aggressive, and sensual in addition to his magnetic stage presence, which, like that of the other members of his band, ranges from winks to smouldering glares. It stabilizes the band's overall performance and adds emotional depth to the vocalist team of Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin. With his songs Winter Bear, Christmas Bear, and his most recent cover of It Feels A Lot Like Christmas, he has established himself as the band's official Christmas singer.

V, on the other hand, has tried everything to become more than just the band's charismatic visual and vocalist. You can put V anywhere and in anything, and he will be loved even more, as a fan once wrote; He will simply captivate everyone with his words and smile. The fan had penned, "He was always meant to be a star." V was in the historical drama Hwarang in 2015: Together with his close friends Park Seo-joon and Park Hyung-sik, he appeared in The Warrior Poet, in which he played himself as a sweet little brother who simply adores his elders. Ironically, V's true acting potential came through in the extremely complex HYYH era of BTS, when he played a teen who wanted to kill his abusive stepfather. His arc was so emotionally charged that ARMY still wishes they could see him in a Korean drama because he would be perfect for such a turbulent and intense role. The heart of the variety show In The Soop was his friendships with his "Wood Squad," Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, Choi Woo-shik, and Peakboy: Friendcation, which came out in the beginning of the year. The show simply followed the four friends as they had fun, teased one another, and shared secrets during their vacation. Fans are eager to see more of V in new settings, and it is planned that the Wood Squad will reunite for another show. V will remain the same, even though the circumstance will be different.

In his fashion game, the fashion icon V experiments with ideas. The singer's love for his suits has become a joke with ARMY, who predict that he will steal them for military service. Given V, it's entirely possible.

V was famous for wearing clothes that looked like they were from a BBC show and making fashion statements. He shook the long covers, sweatshirts and would be dressed officially in fresh suits even at the air terminal. Notwithstanding, of late, the vocalist has chosen to cut his own picture of solace and easygoing dressing for people in general. He had previously stated to Vogue, "I used to go for the British style." These days, however, I attempt to look as agreeable and as "me" as conceivable by going for something a lot less complex and more relaxed. I don't dislike dressing up and styling myself, of course. I can simply follow the theme or concept that is established for each photo shoot. However, I need to know who I am as a regular Kim Taehyung in everyday life. It's difficult for me to ponder what to wear and how to introduce myself tomorrow. Therefore, I try to wear every day what best reflects who I am as a person or how I feel. Despite this, online buzz about his sensual photoshoot lasted for days.

V was the first member of BTS to attend the Celine Paris fashion show this year. He went to the event with Lisa from Blackpink and South Korean star Park Bo-gum. It marked a new turning point in his burgeoning career, when V became more than just a K-Pop icon.

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