Thursday, December 1, 2022

Corning introduces Glass Victus 2, but says foldable protection is still a ways off

 In the coming months, the first phones equipped with the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 are anticipated to be available for purchase.

The most recent Glass Victus 2 from Corning was unveiled on Wednesday, and it features enhanced drop performance on rough surfaces like concrete.We are constantly striving to make it a better product, whether it be in terms of drop or scratch resistance.According to John Bayne, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Consumer Electronics, in an interview with The Indian Express, "We have once again improved the drop performance of the glass for Victus 2."

According to Bayne, Corning had to create a new test for the Victus 2 because the previous model, which was released in July 2020, was already "so good."As a result, we went from a puck weighing 165 grams to a puck weighing 190 grams, which was approximately 15% heavier.We likewise went from testing on black-top which you might find in a parking area to concrete, which is a nastier material to test a glass surface," he said, adding that Victus 2 endures different drops from around one meter on the substantial where cutthroat classes wouldn't endure a solitary drop.

It is anticipated that the first Victus 2-equipped smartphones will hit the market within the next few months.Typically, when we announce a premium flagship glass, premium phones use it.The intermediate or value segment is then reached by our previous generations of glass.He explained, "That's a natural evolution."However, Bayne stated that there have been exceptions to this rule, with some manufacturers choosing premium glass even in the value segment due to lower return rates and less damage to the phone, resulting in increased customer value.

Corning is the world's leading manufacturer of cover glasses due to the presence of Gorilla Glass on more than 8 billion devices manufactured by 45 major brands.Glass and optics for semiconductor products are also produced by the company.

Bayne made sense of that even as glass is becoming more grounded and harder, it is likewise becoming more slender without settling on the insurance.A composite glass protection for foldable form factors, on the other hand, is still some way off.We believe the market will eventually find a glass solution for bendables; however, we are not there yet.The obstacles to development are significant.We have come a long way.Bayne said, "We think we are getting close," but he wouldn't give a timetable for this.However, I do believe that a glass surface will ultimately serve as the safeguard for the inside of a bendable device.because customers desire that.They are eager to touch the glass because it is less likely to scratch than plastic.Additionally, we are getting close to offering that product.

Corning, which hasn't had much trouble during the pandemic due to its manufacturing capabilities, is also seeing other component constraints diminish to some extent now.At the present time, we think the issue is more interest requirement due to expansion and downturn.Therefore, we anticipate that this will only have a brief effect and that people will begin purchasing more phones in 2023 and 2024.

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