Friday, December 23, 2022

Every new feature added to the most widely used messaging app in the world, WhatsApp, in 2022

 Here are the absolute most noticeable highlights that Meta added to WhatsApp. Even though some of these features come from Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms, Meta has also added a few new features that no other instant messaging platform has.

Originally just an instant messaging app, WhatsApp is now an online platform that can do more than just text and call. With so many new features added this year, WhatsApp is now a feature-rich cross-platform messaging app that is free for Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp, unlike the majority of free instant messaging apps, does not display advertisements. In addition to that, the messages are likewise start to finish scrambled and Meta doesn't adapt WhatsApp in any capacity, making WhatsApp the just meta-claimed stage that produces no income.

The most notable features that Meta added to WhatsApp are listed below. Even though some of these features come from Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms, Meta has also added a few new features that no other instant messaging platform has.

Meta has implemented numerous security measures to make WhatsApp a safe and secure messaging platform with its new security features. The ability to hide one's online status is one of these features. This lets users stay connected to WhatsApp and control who can see their current status.

Got added to another gathering and need to quietly exit? WhatsApp takes care of everything. One of WhatsApp's 2022 updates changed a setting so that only the group administrator will be notified when someone leaves a group.

The ability to restore or undo a limited message that was accidentally sent is yet another noteworthy feature that WhatsApp introduced in 2022. Also, this is a great feature for people who may have butter finger and are known to delete the wrong things on WhatsApp accidentally.

WhatsApp gets its own community and new group features If you want to share something with multiple groups but don't want to send or forward a message to each one, WhatsApp now has those features. WhatsApp has the answer for you. Users are now able to set up communities with multiple groups and even start a new community with a new group. People who frequently share a lot of texts, images, or even videos with multiple groups will appreciate this feature.

Likewise, clients can now make surveys inside the WhatsApp bunch, which will be valuable to get bits of knowledge on a specific action or a game. In addition, group administrators now have the ability to remove any message from the group, which is particularly useful when dealing with problematic messages. Lastly, the number of people who can join a single WhatsApp group has increased to 1,024—four times the previous limit.

Calling on WhatsApp just got a whole lot better. Not only does WhatsApp support voice and video calls, but it can also hold up to 32 people on a single call. The fact that you can now schedule calls on WhatsApp in the same manner as a professional conference call platform like Zoom or Google Duo is even more fascinating.

WhatsApp also gets the ability to mute specific users while they are on calls, and it also shows a banner when a new person joins a call that is already in progress. Even video and voice calls to people outside the country are free and encrypted from beginning to end.

On WhatsApp, voice messages are another excellent method of communication. Users can now play back a voice even when they are not in the chat, and they can also preview the audio message draft before sending it. In a similar vein, WhatsApp is able to play a voice message at speeds of 1, 1.5, and 2 times.

Most important features WhatsApp now lets you share files up to 2 GB. Even though this feature is easy to overlook, it is a significant update for WhatsApp users who frequently share large photos and videos. Essentially, you can now message yourself on WhatsApp, which permits clients to utilize WhatsApp like a note application.

Bonus features for WhatsApp in 2022 In addition to all of these fantastic features, WhatsApp also received some amusing capabilities. At the point when you don't have an answer to a message on WhatsApp you can simply respond to it, very much like the manner in which you do on a Facebook post or an Instagram direct message. You can likewise make custom 3D symbols of yourself, which is again a Facebook-propelled highlight.

Last but not least, you now have the ability to move your WhatsApp conversations from an Android phone to an iPhone and vice versa. For those who frequently switch phones, this is an excellent feature.

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