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Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu 6's finale: LV Revanth receives a trophy, a car, and a property worth Rs 25 lakh


Finale of Bigg Boss Telugu: LV Revanth won Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 over Shrihan, Adi Reddy, Keerthi Bhat, and Rohit Sahni.

LV Revanth defeated Shrihan, Adi Reddy, Keerthi Bhat, and Rohit Sahni on Sunday to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 and the Rs 10 lakh cash prize, ending 106 days of tears, yelling, laughter, and a variety of other emotions. Revanth likewise got property worth Rs 25 lakh and a vehicle.

Special guests included Dhamaka stars Ravi Teja and Sreeleela, veteran actor Radha, and Karthikeya 2 star Nikhil Siddhartha. Urvashi Rautela, a Bollywood actor, kept everyone entertained with her dancing.

Shortly after the end of the OTT version of Bigg Boss Telugu, the new season debuted. There were 21 contestants in the inaugural season. Nagarjuna, a star in Tollywood, was invited back to host the show. Since the third season, he has been Bigg Boss Telugu's face. He succeeded Nani as the show's anchor for the second season. Jr. NTR hosted the first season of the show, which aired.

Nagarjuna reveals that Shrihan received the majority of votes from the audience. But Shrihan came in second because he decided to take Rs 40 lakhs.

Revanth on winning Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Revanth appreciates everyone's blessings and support. He reaffirms that his self-confidence enabled him to win Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6's trophy.

LV Revanth takes home the trophy for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 after winning the show.

The money in Shrihan's golden briefcase has increased to Rs 40 lakhs. Additionally, Shrihan grabs the briefcase.

Nagarjuna raises the value of the prize Nagarjuna raises the value of the golden briefcase to Rs 35 lakhs.

Nagarjuna enters the Bigg Boss Telugu house with a golden briefcase containing Rs 25 lakhs Nagarjuna enters the house with a golden briefcase. The host states that one contestant from the top two can win the cash.

Nagarjuna's journey as Bigg Boss Telugu 6 host revisited During the finale, a special video about Nagarjuna's journey as Bigg Boss Telugu 6 host is played. All of the housemates feel nothing but pure nostalgia.

They're here, MM Monishi and MM Manasi!

MM Monishi and MM Manasi take the stage to perform some of their greatest hits.

Keerthi is kicked out, and she is gone. She is the third finalist eliminated from the top five.

Revanth, Shrihan, and Keerthi refuse to accept the suitcase Despite the suitcase's increased value to 30% of the prize money, Revanth, Shrihan, and Keerthi do not accept the offer.

Ravi Teja entices finalists

Ravi Teja goes inside the Bigg Supervisor Telugu house with a bag brimming with cash and attempts to entice one among the main 3 finalists to take the bag.

Adi Reddy is kicked out of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Adi Reddy is the second finalist to be eliminated.

Ravi Teja's most memorable check

Ravi Teja uncovers that he began his movie profession as an associate chief and the principal check he got was from Nagarjuna.

Sreeleela and Ravi Teja are here!

Ravi Teja and Sreeleela, the lead duo from Dhamaka, are on stage. The second round of elimination is getting close.

This is Urvashi Rautela!

Urvashi Rautela is the center of attention as she performs her dance moves on the stage of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

Baladitya and Radha compete on the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 stage. Nagarjuna is delighted when his former housemate Baladitya and Radha compete.

Radha has arrived!

Radha, a seasoned actress, is promoting the dance show BB Jodi on stage. She is one of the show's judges.

Rohit Sahni apologizes to his parents Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 evicted contestant Rohit Sahni apologizes to his parents.

Nikhil Siddhartha announces that Rohit Sahni has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

On Star Maa, the final episode of the sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu will air at six o'clock in the evening. Live streaming is also available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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