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How Newton School is assisting students in establishing careers in the tech sector


Newton School is a platform online that focuses on results. The majority of its students are in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and universities and want to make sure they get a job or are already employed and want to improve their skills.

Newton School's co-founder Nishant Chandra says the online platform wants to help and upskill people who might not be in the best schools in the country. The actual replacement of the existing university system is our objective. In an interview with, Chandra stated, "We are strong believers that the current university systems are not catered towards actual outcomes."

In 2019, Chandra and his IIT-Roorkee classmate Siddharth Maheshwari started Newton School. Before deciding to start Newton School, an online learning platform that focuses on coding and upskilling, both had worked in separate industries. The majority of its students are in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and universities and want to make sure they get a job or are already employed and want to improve their skills.

Chandra, who has previously worked at Unacademy, acknowledged that the objective is not to replace the top 1% of universities, where the quality of education is high, when asked to elaborate on what he means when he refers to the system that "replaces the university." The main one percent of colleges in India are making a wonderful showing for their local area and graduated class. However, the remainder are not as good as per. Our students are mentored by individuals who are currently employed in Google or Amazon's software development departments. In addition, they receive high-quality products on which to practice their skills,” he stated.

Instead of simply teaching the same content, the platform asserts that its "online" learning is more focused on products and communities. The curriculum is designed with the requirements and demands of the industry in mind. The platform also uses product tools to help students evaluate their projects, including full-stack tech projects. According to Chandra, the technology can also provide students with quick feedback. She added that they also use technology to look for industry trends. This can educate students about the kinds of skills they need to have, which are more in line with the needs of the tech industry.

Courses can be taken by students for six months to one year and cost anywhere from Rs 2 lakh to up to Rs 4 lakh. The platform offers programs that don't require a degree as well as regular ones. The Newton School has formed a partnership with IU University, a German online university, for the more expensive courses. The organization likewise offers a "pay-after-position" strategy to meriting understudies.

Newton School asserts that it has established relationships with more than 2,000 businesses and that more than 900 businesses have hired its students thus far. The platform claims to have approximately 4,000 students and hopes to reach 50,000 next year.

According to Chandra, the majority of students who enroll with them are seeking a career advancement. The business experts are for the most part situated around level one and level two urban communities where most organizations are available, for example, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and a lot of level two urban communities like Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The understudy populace that is significantly situated in level two-level, level three urban communities where the schools are like SRM or Chandigarh College, or Nirma College," he said adding that at times, even the colleges are glad to collaborate with them as it assists increment the last's position with rating.

Additionally, the platform places an emphasis on mentorship, which Chandra stated is essential for success in tech jobs. Tutors assist with uncertainty tackling, project audits and propelling and directing your disappointment. On the platform, we have between 300 and 400 mentors and 5200 instructors. Additionally, we provide thousands of mock interviews to ensure that, when the course is finished, you are prepared for these,” he continued.

Additionally, he stated that many of the mentors have "taken 1000s of interviews themselves" or have worked in the industry. These mentors can also improve the curriculum to meet the needs of the industry. On the off chance that an understudy doesn't get set, the stage likewise continues to allude them to different positions and gives the understudy criticism in light of prior interviews. According to Chandra, this ensures a robust feedback loop, which helps lessen dissatisfaction when someone is placed.

However, is Chandra concerned that the recent layoffs in the tech industry could have a negative impact on their placements, which is one of the reasons why so many students might consider Newton School? Take a look at big companies like Infosys and TCS. Each year, they take one lakh students to the beginning stage. “You will be placed if you are a great developer,” Chandra explained, though he acknowledged that the substantial increase in salaries has diminished.

We do anticipate that salaries will differ from those of the previous year. In terms of tech jobs, India's entry-level market is still phenomenal. He stated, "People are looking for junior developers to join."

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