Friday, December 9, 2022

India will not be a US ally, but rather another great power: WH official

India will not be an ally of US, it will be another great power: WH official

 WASHINGTON: A senior White House official stated on Thursday that India will not be an ally of the United States; rather, it will be another great power. The official asserted that there is no other bilateral relationship that is "deepening and strengthening" more rapidly than the relationship between the two countries over the course of the past two decades.

Kurt Campbell, the White House Asia coordinator, said that India is the most important bilateral relationship for the United States in the 21st century when he was asked about it at the Aspen Security Forum meeting here.

The top White House official stated to a Washington audience, "The fact is, I don't know of any bilateral relationship that is being deepened and strengthened more rapidly than the United States and India over the last 20 years."

He stated that the United States of America needs to invest even more of its capacity, strengthen interpersonal ties, and collaborate on technology and other issues.

India has a distinct strategic nature. The United States will not have it as a ally. It wants to be a free, strong state and it will be another extraordinary power. However, Campbell stated, "I believe there are reasons to believe that our strategic alignment is growing across the board in almost every arena."

He noted that both bureaucracies have limitations and face numerous obstacles.

“However, I do think that this relationship ought to have some ambition. He stated, "We should really move in that direction and look at things that we can do together, whether it's in space, education, climate, technology, or anything else."

He stated, "It's remarkable if you look over the last 20 years and look at the hurdles that have been overcome and the depth of engagement between our two sides."

He asserted that the relationship between India and the United States is not solely based on fear of China. He said, "It is a deeper understanding of the importance of the synergies between our societies," noting that the presence of the Indian diaspora in this country is a significant connection.

Campbell acknowledged that Indians were unsure about President Joe Biden's decision to elevate the Quad to the rank of leader.

It's likely that there were oppositional voices within their bureaucracy. However, when President Biden made the immediate allure over and over to Top state leader Modi, they concluded that this was to their greatest advantage," he said.

According to a White House official, the United States and its Indian partners are collaborating constructively on the major set of COVID-19 vaccine delivery, maritime domain awareness, and education initiatives.

He stated, "I'm thrilled to say that Prime Minister Albanese of Australia has invited us in 2023 for a major Quad meeting that we believe will extend our coordination and cooperation, not just in Southeast Asia but also in the Indo Pacific."

I have high hopes for the Quad. I think it will continue to be an informal location. But it has a lot of ways to talk to each other, which has helped these four important maritime democracies work together better,” Campbell said.

The Quad, or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, consists of the following four nations: India, Australia, the United States, and Japan.

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