Friday, December 9, 2022

Iran executes the first known prisoner held in connection with protests

Iran executes 1st known prisoner held in protests


TEHRAN: The Iranian government hanged a 23-year-old detainee on Thursday, the primary execution of an individual blamed for contribution in fights that have immersed the country for the beyond 90 days. According to the Mizan news agency, which is overseen by the country's judiciary, Mohsen Shekari was accused of blocking a street in Tehran and stabbing a member of the Basij militia thirteen times during a protest. The report also said that Shekari said a friend had offered him money to attack the forces.

According to the agency, Shekari was taken into custody on September 25 and handed down a sentence on November 20 by Iran's Revolutionary Court, a special court for political cases and political prisoners. He was accused of "moharebeh," which means "waging war against God," which automatically carries the death penalty.

He was hanged in just a few weeks. After his execution, Iranian state TV circulated a vigorously altered bundle showing the court and portions of Shekari's preliminary. A video of what the state media said was Shekari's confession was also made public, and it shows him with a bruise on his right cheek. Shekari, according to rights groups, was tortured into confessing. According to ISNA, the police chief of Iran, Hossein Ashtari, stated that "the police will not show restraint in dealing with security threats."

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