Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Kim Jong Un touts North Korea's achievements but acknowledges its difficulties

Kim Jong Un claims North Korean successes, says it faces challenges

 SEOUL: After conducting a record number of missile tests this year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un opened a crucial political meeting by calling for greater efforts to overcome the difficulties and challenges facing his country.

According to the official Korean Central News Agency on Tuesday, a plenary meeting of the ruling Workers' Party was held in Pyongyang on Monday to review previous projects and talk about the work plans for next year.

Kim will probably utilize the gathering to reaffirm his purpose to grow his atomic stockpile and present super advanced weapons focusing on the U.S. what's more, South Korea while spreading out tasks to resuscitate pandemic-battered public vocations, a few specialists say.

Kim compared the difficulties and difficulties that have arisen since a larger party meeting in the beginning of 2021 to "the ten-year struggle of the revolution" in his opening remarks. However, he claimed that North Korea's power had increased "remarkably" in political, military, economic, and cultural areas and that it had reported some successes "in the arduous course."

According to the official Korean Central News Agency, "He stressed the need to lay out strategies to launch more exciting and confident struggles based on valuable facts that the country has achieved practical advance after enduring all difficulties." It stated that Kim reviewed the "splendid" accomplishment this year and clarified "the strategic and tactical" tasks necessary to achieve socialism in the North Korean style.

KCNA did not elaborate on Kim's claimed accomplishments or the tasks he set, so it was impossible to independently verify his claims.

Some observers believe that Kim may require such propaganda-driven claims to gain public support for challenging projects to expand his weaponry and address his economic woes while facing U.S.-led sanctions and pressure campaigns to curtail his nuclear ambitions.

The Workers' Party meeting is expected to last several days, and Kim is likely to talk about his armoury, relations with the US, and the economy in later sessions.

A record number of missiles were tested-launched by Kim's military this year, many of which were nuclear-capable weapons that could reach the U.S. mainland and its allies South Korea and Japan. In an apparent reference to U.S.-led sanctions and its regular military drills with South Korea, he has stated that he will not return to talks with the United States unless it withdraws its hostile policies.

On Monday, South Korea fired warning shots and scrambled warplanes in response to North Korea's claim that it had flown drones across their tense border for the first time in five years, escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Whether any of the North Korean drones were shot down was unknown.

In an apparent reference to unmanned drones, South Korea claimed to have also sent its own surveillance assets across the border.

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