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Rajinikanth, Happy Birthday: How did Thalaivar invalidate his own song Ra Ra Ramaiya from Baashha at the age of 72?

 In honor of Rajinikanth's 72nd birthday, we take a look at how the superstar undermined the message of the Baashha song Ra Ra Ramaiya.

Thathuva Paadalgal, also known as "Philosophical Songs," is a distinct subgenre of Tamil film in which characters impart their own unique wisdom to the audience. MG Ramachandran otherwise known as MGR was a specialist at this; with his songs affectionately referred to as teacher's songs or vaathiya songs. Similar action was taken by Sivaji. They were helped by well-known lyricists like Vaali, Kanndasan, and Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaram.

The songs have become more about the character and the hero themselves as Rajinikanth has carried the torch forward. As a result, the lines have lost their philosophical depth and have been replaced by mainstream-friendly didactic ideas. This trend can be seen in the majority of his "intro songs," such as Muthu's Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalaali, Arunachalam's Athaanda Ithaanda, and Padayappa's En Peru Padayappa.

The problem with these kinds of songs is that sometimes the preachy lyrics end up being used as a way to criticize the same heroes who lip sync to them in the movies. According to the lyrics of Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalaali, "Kaiyil konjam kaasu irundhaal needhaan atharuku ejamaanam," If you have "some" money in your hands, you own it, according to Kaluthu varaikum kaasau irundhaala adhuthaan unaku ejamaanam. It owns you if you have "a lot." This is from the actor, who received recognition this year from the Income Tax department for being Tamil Nadu's highest taxpayer. Another illustration comes from the recently remastered version of Rajinikanth's Baba. The movie's brilliant song "Shakthi Kodu" has the lyrics "Muduvedutha pinaal naan thadam maara maataen," which should be on everyone's gym playlist. Munvaitha Kaalai pin vaika maataen (I do not switch tracks once I have made a decision) After taking a step forward, I don't back down. For obvious reasons, the lines were not included in the remastered version of the movie.

However, I am pleased that Rajinikanth subverted his own Baashha song, "Ra Ra Ramaiya." Vairamuthu wrote the well-choreographed song that divides a person's life by eight. The song argues that certain activities should only be done at certain ages. The lines read, "Mudhal ettile aadathathu vilaiyaatu alla, nee rendaam ettil kalaadhathu kalviyum alla," which is sung in Tamil. It is not a game if you have not played the first eight holes; moondraam ettil seiyaathathu thrumanam alla, nee naalam ettil peraathathi kozhandhaiyum alla. If you haven't mastered it by the eighth grade, education is pointless [16]. If you haven't married someone before the third eight [24]), it isn't marriage.

The values and virtues of the mainstream status quo are only echoed in the song. The song and the family member who keeps pestering the single kids about marriage are identical. The lyrics at the song's end are:

"Elaam ettil kaanathathu ulagam illa, nee etaam ettuku mela irundha nimmadhi illa" means that "it is not retirement, if you have not done it before seventh eight (fifty-six), and there is no peace if you live past your eighth eight (sixty-four)."

Have the lines not held up at all well over time? Rajinikanth is in his ninth eight, 72, according to the track's logic. And 2.0, the second-highest-grossing film in Tamil cinema, came out when he was 68 years old. Additionally, he produced Kaala and Kabali, two of his most recent masterpieces, well past the age of 64.

Rajinikanth rarely plays his age in movies, unlike other veteran superstars like Kamal Haasan and Amitabh Bachchan, Rajini's mentor. However, he has figured out how to hold his picture and fanbase unblemished. That, not the silly Ra Ra Ramaiya, ought to be the lesson for his millions of fans worldwide.

It's safe to say that even with Jailer and a solid deal with Lyca Production, he still has a lot more to offer. It is true that no other superstar in Tamil cinema history has achieved such great feats at the age of 72. I want to recall his 2.0 dialogue, "I am the only one... Super one." Without comparison. Not at all like Ra Ramaiya, this line may be valid for quite a while… perhaps, for eternity.

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