Monday, December 12, 2022

Review of the Qubo Car Air Purifier: Compact filtration for your drive

 Here is the full survey of the Qubo Vehicle Air Purifier, a reasonable and minimal vehicle air purifier with a metal plan.

Winter is also pollution season in many parts of India, with AQI levels well above global norms in many places. However, despite the fact that we purchase air purifiers to purify the air inside, we frequently neglect our automobiles, in which many of us spend long hours every day.

However, there are solutions in the form of automobile air purifiers, many of which have recently become available in India. One of the more affordable options I've found is the Qubo Car Air Purifier.

I thought the Qubo Car Air Purifier looked like a Bluetooth speaker because of its extremely straightforward cylindrical design. On top, there is a touch-sensitive power button that lets you change fan modes and on the back, there is a power button that can be plugged into the car's USB port.

The aluminum alloy unit is small enough to fit in the cup holder in the front of my car and is compact. However, since the air-sucking slits are on the sides and the clean air is pushed out of the top, I recommend placing it where the inflow is more even.

If you are aware of how bad the air quality inside is, the power button on top is a useful feature because it changes the fan speed with each press. When there was a musty odor in the car, I used to prefer to turn up the fan, which helped make things a little more breathable.

Depending on the car's air quality, the air purifier can change modes on its own. When I had a window open, this happened a few times. But this purifier didn't seem to know what to do when I had the windows down and the outside air was almost at 300 PM2.5 levels. Therefore, I only recommend using this when the vehicle is airtight.

Also, when the purifier is running at full speed, you can hear it working, so you might need to turn up the music a little bit to drown it out. To keep the air inside clean, the filter has three layers: a pre-filter, HEPA, and dynamic activated carbon. To give users more peace of mind, an inside LED indicator of the AQI level would have been a good addition.

The Qubo Car Air Purifier is one of the most affordable air purifiers available, costing just Rs 2,599. At this price, it's hard to expect an LED AQI indicator, but you need that feature to understand how your investment is performing. If you frequently travel with older people or children, get this.

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