Friday, December 16, 2022

The film Govinda Naam Mera, starring Vicky Kaushal and Kiara Advani, feels stretched and forgettable


Review of Govinda Naam Mera: The Vicky Kaushal-Kiara Advani-Bhumi Pednekar film is meant to be a lighthearted caper, but there is only occasional laughter.

a massive, hundreds of crore-dollar bungalow in the heart of Mumbai. a number of potential claimants. as well as a lot of fun. Hold on, scratch that last bit. Govinda Naam Mera is meant to be a lighthearted prank, but there is only occasional laughter.

This crowded group looks like it should be ready for fun, but the plot drags on in a sloppy way. Govind A Waghmare, or Govinda, played by Vicky Kaushal, is a wannabe choreographer who travels between film sets to dance alongside the hero and keep his wheelchair-bound "aai" (Renuka Shahane) happy. That is, when he isn't yo-yoing between his tyrannical "biwi," Gauri (Bhumi Pednekar), demanding girlfriend Suku (Kiara Advani), and his friend Amey Wagh, a lawyer.

Watch the trailer for Govinda Naam Mera here. Govinda is broke, in debt, and the only thing keeping him going is the possibility of selling the golden goose. Manju bai, also known as Tripti Khamkar, a Crime Patrol fan, is keeping a suspicious eye on the situation. Did I overlook anyone? Phew.

A determined mother and son, with the latter resembling Dhanush in every way, are getting closer to the big prize. Can a clever builder be far behind if it's property? And is it possible to keep Dayanand Shetty, a corrupt cop, at bay? If that isn't enough, a businessman named Sayyaji Shinde and his sonny boy with a habit named Jeeva bring some low-level villainy to the table. Shinde is mostly seen dressed in a dressing gown, which makes him look like old-style villains. A dubious insurance agent named Viraj Ghelani is aware of a lucrative policy. Then, dhan-tan-a-aan, a body is there. Who is responsible? And who emerges victorious over everyone else?

This ought to have been an uproar. It seems like every one of these characters ought to have had a little while that they could possess. Otherwise, what's the point of con artists trying to scam each other? Yet, you are hard put to review one stand-apart arrangement in the two-hour and some film, what starts feeling longer than it ought to nearly when it begins. A character who appears to be enduring the crippling effects of a stroke is set up for laughter. I'm serious. Even the songs and dances performed by Kaushal and Advani, the agile duo, are forgettable. The movie is also.

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