Monday, December 5, 2022

The ICAO audit validates SpiceJet's status as a safe airline:' Mr. Ajay Singh

‘ICAO audit establishes SpiceJet’s credentials as a safe airline:’ Ajay Singh

 Delhi, India:According to SpiceJet on Monday, the budget airline's "operations, safety processes, and systems to be in order" were discovered by the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) audit of India's aviation safety oversight mechanism last month.The UN's aviation division had sent teams to Delhi Airport;Control of air traffic at IGI Airport;The communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) division of the Indian Airports Authority;SpiceJet, a low-cost airline, and Indo Pacific Aviation Pvt. Ltd., a charter company, for validation checks in the field.They basically checked to see if these places were adhering to the established regulations.

SpiceJet's credentials as a safe airline are solidly established by the comprehensive ICAO audit.The only scheduled Indian airline that was a part of the ICAO audit under the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) Continuous Monitoring Approach was SpiceJet.In a statement released on Monday, SpiceJet stated, "The audit of SpiceJet's safety systems helped India achieve its highest ever safety ranking in the ICAO audit."

On November 14, 2022, the ICAO Auditing Committee visited SpiceJet's Delhi Airport flight dispatch offices and head office, where all of the airline's flights are controlled.Flight planning, weather assessment, route planning, aircraft serviceability, operations to critical airports, pilot rostering systems, and cabin safety procedures were among the flight critical functions and operational areas they had audited and reviewed.

Ajay Singh, CMD of SpiceJet, stated:The standard for safety is the ICAO audit.We are pleased that our safety culture, systems, procedures, and operations have been found to be in compliance with international safety standards and best practices.We are pleased that ICAO validated SpiceJet as the only scheduled Indian airline in this audit.SpiceJet is truly humbled to have contributed to India's highest-ever safety rating and inclusion in the top 50 nations for ICAO aviation safety audit scores.SpiceJet adheres to the highest safety standards, as demonstrated by this audit.

The Indian aviation safety oversight mechanism is now ranked 48th out of 50 countries, a significant improvement from its 102nd position four years ago.The Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had its effective implementation (EI) of crucial safety elements examined by ICAO last month.After that, the United Nations' aviation arm gave the DGCA its highest ever EI score of 85.49 percent, which places India on the 48th spot, according to top officials. This is a big improvement from the score of 69.95 percent from the last audit in 2018, when India was ranked 102nd, above countries like Nepal (101st), Pakistan (100th), Bangladesh (94th), and Sudan (89th).India's EI score now stands above those of China (49), Israel (50), Turkey (54), Denmark (55), and Poland (60), where it is currently ranked 48th.

Following a string of incidents, SpiceJet was recently under the watchful eye of the DGCA.This summer, the number of flights allowed by the regulator was limited.After the regulator was satisfied that the airline's operations met safety requirements, the restriction was lifted at the beginning of the winter schedule from October to December.Over the past few months, the airline has been attempting to raise funds.

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