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Triptii Dimri discusses how she created her character for Qala with Anvitaa Dutt, from an imaginary mother to stolen lipsticks


Netflix is streaming Qala, which also stars Babil and Swastika Mukherjee.

a daughter who lacks affection and her crushing loneliness as a result of her cruel mother. When filmmaker Anvitaa Dutt offered actress Triptii Dimri the lead role in their most recent Qala, she knew she would have a challenging task ahead of her.

The dark and unsettling story of a complicated mother-daughter relationship, which takes place in the 1940s, was recently made available on Netflix. After her phenomenal debut, Bulbbul, it was Dutt's second directorial effort, marking a career turn for Dimri.

I have now read all nine stories by Anvitaa. Each of them is exceptional and brilliant. Dimri tells that Qala was unique in its own way. According to the actor, her role as a young woman seeking her mother's affection was strikingly internal. Qala longs for her mother's lap, which is why she is restless even when she is sleeping.

Qala is a young woman who never stops thinking in her head. She never keeps quiet. She is not quiet, even when she is sleeping. She dreams of her mother even when she is not awake. The actor claims that it was extremely challenging to inhabit that space.

After her low-key 2017 debut Poster Boys and the internet favorite Laila Majnu, Qala is Dimri's fourth feature film. Naturally, the task at hand was daunting to bring to life the many fragilities of her character. Dimri, on the other hand, relied on Dutt's method to piece together Qala.

Dimri and Dutt constructed Qala's history for nearly three months prior to floors. The filmmaker began by asking Dimri a straightforward question: What was your first memory?

"What we do is—and this is something that we also did in Bulbull and Qala—we build the character from a very young age. We began discussing her, who had been her thought partner since she was five years old. After that, we built her memories and experiences. We discussed her experiences, including whether she would be a lonely child, whether she would have many friends, and whether she would attend school or study at home.

“What kind of relationship does she have with her mother? Does she ever hold her? Does she ever look at her? If not, what does she do about it? How does she process all of that information? We kept a great deal of things from the studio in the film.

Qala is frequently seen carefully removing a tile from the floor and putting her toys inside in the movie. Dimri claims that her character thinks that is her fictitious mother.

“At a time when Anvitaa and I were talking about my character, I told her that I think Qala is a very lonely child who would have an imaginary mother who lives under the floor. She talks to her occasionally through the floor, and that mother truly adores her. She is always accompanied by that mother, who listens to her. The additional mother. Because of this, you can see in the movie that she opens the box and puts her toys in it. That is her showing the other mother how much she loves them.

We also talked about how she would sneak into her mother's room and steal her lipstick and perfume so she could feel her. We probably never practiced a scene. When we were on set, we talked about these things, and it just (flowed). Our scripts were taken away from us anyway after the first reading, she claims.

Dimri is ecstatic that she was given the chance to lead a film like Qala at such a young stage in her career, especially considering that even the most skilled female actors are denied challenging roles. Because there are very few films in which an actress is required to perform at such a high level, I truly believe that I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to portray such characters. It's unique.

I am thankful that it took place earlier rather than later in my life because this is the time when I will have to learn a lot, both as an actor and as a person. Better to act now than later, she says.

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