Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Venba is a video game that tells the story of a South Indian immigrant one recipe at a time

Venba, a forthcoming independent game for Nintendo Switch, aims to shed new light on the experiences of numerous Asian immigrant populations in Canada and the United States.

It became abundantly clear when Abhi, the developer of Venba, began to tell the story of the forthcoming game for the Nintendo Switch that this cooking game about Southern Indian cuisine had much more to offer. It is a story about a Tamilian woman named Venba, who left India and settled in Canada. She tells the story of the sacrifices she made to raise a son in a foreign country with her husband Paavalan and little money, and how she kept the family together despite the odds. As Venba restores her mother's recipe book and teaches her young son how to cook, her story unfolds over several years.

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