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What Argentina and France players said about Lionel Messi winning the ultimate prize

Lionel Messi wins the ultimate prize: What the Argentina and France players said


Delhi, India: Until Lionel Messi returns home with his team and holds the FIFA World Cup trophy aloft, the party in Argentina will continue.

A night of epic proportions saw Argentina end their 36-year quest for a third World Cup title. During the final on Sunday, Argentina appeared to have won the title on multiple occasions. However, France's late comeback, led by Kylian Mbappe's hat trick, secured the victory in a penalty shootout (4-2).

In addition to Angel di Maria's goal, Messi scored from the spot for Argentina during regulation time. However, Mbappe scored twice in the final ten minutes of regulation time to tie the game at 2-2 for France. Messi gave Argentina a second lead in extra time, but Mbappe made it 3-3 once more.

"It was a game where we suffered," said Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez and some of his teammates, prior to Messi kissing the trophy and lifting it in tears during his final World Cup match.

The players reacted as follows:


"We're the world's champions!" on the microphone in the stadium, Messi exclaimed.

Following Argentina's epic victory in Doha, Messi, who is 35 years old, told Argentine television, "I want to keep experiencing a few more matches as world champion." It's incredible how it could come to this. I stated previously that God would grant me this, and I have no idea why I believed it would be at this time.

Messi stated, "I cannot ask for more, obviously I would like to end my (World Cup) career with this." These are my final years, so my playing career is almost over.

"It was a very strange match, just like the one against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, and then it happened again when we won in extra time."


"It was a game where we endured. Two awful shots and they (France) evened out. They give them another punishment, they scored. I did what I wanted to do later, thank God. There could never have been a World Cup that I have longed for like this. "During the penalties, I was calm," Martinez stated.

"I cannot believe that we have suffered so much in a perfect game," Argentina coach LIONEL SCALONI said. Unfathomable, however this group answers everything. I'm glad for the work they did. This group is exciting. This makes you feel emotional due to the blows and draws we received today. I want to encourage people to take pleasure in this historic occasion for our nation. We who live for this and have experienced both good times and bad times are accustomed to these things...Overall, it is an incredible pleasure. Scaloni stated, "Being at the top as we are now is something unique."

Scaloni responded to a question about Messi's participation in the World Cup in 2026, " He will be here with us if he wishes to continue playing. He has every right to choose whether or not he wants to continue playing for Argentina and what he wants to do with his career. He plays such an important role for us. We have the privilege of coaching him and his teammates. I've never seen anything like what he transmits to his teammates. It's unmatched."


The winner of the "Young Player" award, stated, "It is a moment that I will never erase in my life." Getting the opportunity to win the World Cup with my nation is beyond value. Let's drink together and celebrate."


"I will always remember it. We deserved to win, even though we had to suffer. We have defeated the previous champions, and I cannot express how happy I am. I'm proud to have been born in Argentina, where we currently lead the world.

"Obviously I am very sad," France coach Didier Deschamps said. "Some of the young players showed that they are good enough for this level. Others were not present but will participate in the future.

"A passing of the baton between one generation (of French players) coming to the final stage of their careers to a new generation led by Mbappe," according to HUGO LLORIS, this World Cup has been.


"This group is very young. This group of players will rebound because we have also built our successes on defeats. There is a lot of potential here."

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