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Advantages of lubricating your belly button in the cold


Navel therapy, also known as the Pechoti method, is a centuries-old ayurvedic treatment that involves putting warm oil in the navel cavity to nourish, cleanse, and treat various body ailments. Both physically and spiritually, the center of the belly button is significant. The belly button, or umbilicus, was once the entrance to the life-sustaining cord. Today, it serves as the focal point for 72,000 veins in the navel. These nerves are stimulated by the simple act of massaging oil, which aids in disease prevention and body maintenance. Because the Manipura Chakra, or center of the belly button, is connected to the central nervous system, massaging oil can help improve mental clarity, ease mental pressure, and cultivate confidence, strength, and compassion.

Nabhi (navel) is considered the beginning of life in the traditional Indian medical system. It serves as a link between the mother and her unborn child to facilitate the flow of nutrients. The absorption of oils in the belly button can revitalize the skin, balance the digestive system, replenish cells, and renew energy sources—all of which make navel therapy an effective form of self-care because the belly button is the pathway to the body's extremities. One can reap numerous health benefits by regularly performing navel therapy before bedtime.

The benefits of navel therapy for your mind and body can be outlined in the following ways:

Improves digestive health Massaging the navel regulates agni, or digestive fire, which improves digestive abilities, improves the regular elimination of waste from the bowel, and alleviates gas and bloating-related discomfort and digestive issues. A healthy digestive system helps people control their weight and reduce inflammation in the body.

Oils to apply:

 A regular application of warm mustard or ginger oil to the belly button can help men's sperm count and mobility rise, while women's fertility rises and the reproductive system is strengthened. Additionally, navel therapy can help alleviate menstrual cramps and pain by relaxing the veins that surround the uterine lining.

Oils to apply: 

Olive or coconut oil improves vision The veins that lead to the eyes are directly connected to the belly button. Navel therapy can improve vision, reduce puffiness around the eyes, and reduce pigmentation by stimulating those veins. Lubricating the belly button with oil can protect the eyes from excessive dryness, which can lead to poor vision.

Oils to apply: 

Almond or mustard oil for skin health maintenance Massaging the belly button with essential oils can have remarkable skin benefits. Do the easy trick of navel therapy if you want to get rid of pigmentation, prevent excessive dryness, improve the texture of your skin, keep your skin hydrated, and have a natural glow on your skin. Oiling can likewise assist with cleaning the blood to forestall the event of skin break out because of hormonal issues and furthermore eliminate flaws from the body.

Reduces inflammation, promotes muscle relaxation, and alleviates joint pain for people with body aches caused by poor posture, a medical condition, or muscle tension.

Oils to apply: Castor oil, rosemary oil, or sesame oil.

Oils to apply: Rosehip oil, olive oil, neem oil, almond oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil, or lemon essential oil

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