Friday, January 13, 2023

Amazon will provide special payments to employees who lose their jobs

Amazon to make exceptional payments to those laid off

 BENGALURU: According to sources, Amazon, which recently announced that layoffs would take place in January, will, in accordance with a contractual obligation, pay fired employees an additional two months' salary.

According to these sources, the company will also provide exceptional compensation to these workers based on their length of service. In response to TOI's inquiries regarding the matter, Amazon did not respond via email.

According to a report in TOI last week, Amazon will lay off 1,000 employees, or one percent of its workforce in India. In India, Amazon employs 15,000 people.

Between the previous round of layoffs and the one that will take place on January 18, according to Amazon's CEO Andy Jassy, 18,000 employees will be fired.

In the meantime, Amazon has received a notice from the labor commissioner's office in Pune regarding the implementation of the voluntary separation policy (VSP) for employee layoffs. On January 17, the department summoned Amazon.

Amazon sent a note in November about a VSP in which eligible employees could voluntarily quit their jobs in exchange for VSP benefits. Between November 16 and November 30, smart forms were required for the VSP.

It consisted of a one-time severance payment equal to 22 weeks' worth of base pay, plus one week's worth of base pay for every six months of service, up to twenty weeks' worth of paid severance, and six months' worth of medical insurance coverage in accordance with the company's insurance benefit policy or an equivalent amount of insurance premium.

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