Tuesday, January 3, 2023

As county judges in the US, three Indian-Americans take their oaths

Three Indian-Americans take oath as county judges in US

 HOUSTON: In the United States, three Democrats who are Indian-American have sworn in as Fort Bend County Judges. Along with other newly elected and re-elected officials, Juli A. Mathew, KP George, and Surendran K. Pattel were sworn in as Fort Bend County Judges in a ceremony on Sunday. Juli A. Mathew, the first Indian-American woman to be elected to a US courtroom four years ago, defeated Republican challenger Andrew Dornburg to win a second term. Mathew, who hails from Kerala's Thiruvalla, was sworn in via videoconference.

In the November elections, George, the first Indian American to hold office in Fort Bend County, won a close race for a second term as the county's judge. He is from the city of Kakkodu in Kerala.

George, a 57-year-old Democrat, won in 2018 and became a trailblazer in Houston and beyond. Now that he has been given another four years to lead one of the most diverse and fastest-growing counties in the country, George said he hopes it stays that way. He stated that his administration will place the highest priority on community engagement.

District Court Judge Pattel, who defeated Republican Edward M. Krenek in November to win the 240th Judicial District, was also welcomed to the county. The 52-yearold, a local of Kerala, with an encounter of more than 25 years has been a Texas lawyer beginning around 2009, before which he was a legal counselor in India, where he procured his regulation Degree in 1995 from the College of Calicut. Pattel was elected president of the Malayalee Association of Greater Houston in 2015, according to his website. This non-profit organization has 2,500 members and serves more than 12,000 Indian families.

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