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Early warning indicators of alcohol-related liver disease that your liver may be harmed by drinking alcohol

 1. Have you had too much alcohol?

Over 500 distinct bodily functions are performed by the liver. However, excessive alcohol consumption may result in liver fat accumulation. Regular alcohol consumption is linked to cancer, heart disease, and brain damage in addition to liver disease. The following are some early signs and symptoms that may indicate that your liver may have been damaged by drinking too much alcohol.

2. Early symptoms 

Experts note that the early signs of alcohol-related liver disease are frequently vague, making it possible for people to miss them as signs of alcohol-induced damage to their livers. Some of these signs are:

-Abdominal pain -Fatigue -Nausea -Diarrhea -Feeling unwell -Loss of appetite -Signs of advanced alcohol-related liver disease The following are significant symptoms of advanced alcohol-related liver disease:

-Jaundice -Swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, and abdomen -Fever and shivering -Itchy skin and hair loss -Significant weight loss -Weakness -Confusion and memory problems -Insomnia -Vomiting blood -Black-colored stools -Tendency to bleed and bruise easily -Increased sensitivity to alcohol and drugs.

 4. Risk associated with fatty liver Experts at

Vomiting and skin yellowing are two warning signs that liver failure may occur.

5. Avoiding alcohol is essential

 The liver is capable of self-healing. However, alcohol abstinence is the only way for it to heal on its own. Scar tissue will form if liver damage continues to occur.

Cirrhosis of the liver cannot be treated. However, those who completely stop drinking have a better chance of surviving.

6. How can you tell if you drink too much?

To determine whether you have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol, the NHS UK suggests asking yourself the following questions:

-Have you ever considered quitting drinking altogether?

- Have people criticized your drinking and made you feel bad?

-Have you ever been ashamed of your drinking habits?

-Have you ever drank alcohol early in the morning to calm your nerves and get over a hangover?

If any of these questions are answered "yes," you may have an alcohol problem and should see a doctor for help.

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