Monday, January 30, 2023

First snowfall of the season in New York City will surpass the previous 50-year record

New York City to surpass 50-year record for first snowfall of season


Even though New Yorkers are aware that not every year will see a white Christmas, the city typically sees enough snow by the end of January for sled races and snowball fights to occur. This winter, that is not the case. The city has been waiting for the first measurable snowfall of the season for 50 years.

Many locals have expressed varying degrees of gratitude, longing, and worry as a result of the record-breaking absence. Private chef Rachel Reuben is quietly happy that she hasn't seen any measurable snow in New York City in the past 325 days. Measurable snow is defined as snow that sticks to more than one tenth of an inch.

Meteorologists say that the city is getting close to two snow-related milestones. Monday's first measurable snowfall in New York City's history will almost certainly surpass the record set on January 29, 1973. New York City may surpass its longest streak of consecutive days without measurable snow less than a week later. The current record is 332 days, which was established on December 15, 2020. On March 22, it snowed for the last time. Reuben, 66, is enjoying the absence of snow, but she can't help but feel a little uneasy. Reuben stated, "If it's a sign of climate change, then it's not a happy thing."

This lack of snow indicates that New York City has fallen behind its usual pace by more than a month. New York City typically experiences snowfall by the middle of December. According to meteorologists, the conditions were already in place for a relatively warm start to the winter: The region has been warmer than usual in part due to the third consecutive year of La Nina. The extreme variation this winter can be seen in a single area of upstate New York. Despite being one of the snowiest cities in the United States, Syracuse has received just 25 inches of snow this winter, three feet below the average for the season. Rochester, which is nearby, has received less than 15 inches, compared to the usual 50 inches by this point. However, there is a region of intense snow to the west of both cities: One of Buffalo's snowiest winters is currently underway. During a single, fatal blizzard, approximately half of this season's snow fell.

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