Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Huge momentum for cloud adoption: Nadella

 Delhi, India: Microsoft chairman and CEO Satya Nadella came knocking just a few days after Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai visited India. The Indian-born CEO of one of the largest software companies in the world emphasized the growing role of cloud computing in a digitally savvy economy like India. During the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai, Nadella spoke with business leaders and said that cloud adoption is gaining a lot of momentum because it is a "big game changer." The cloud has significantly altered the game. The cloud is in the early to middle innings. He stated

He said cloud will be "fundamental" to scaling India's advanced excursion and added how Microsoft is enhancing across the tech stack to help the country's environment of designers, new businesses and organizations. " Perhaps of the most fabulous thing even in this excursion into India that I'm finding out about, isn't exactly what's going on in the top urban communities of the nation, yet what's going on across every one of the urban communities in the nation and how computerized is assuming a part. "

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are among India's leading cloud computing service providers. Hyderabad-conceived Nadella additionally commended the manner by which India is building public foundation. He stated, ". When it comes to the adoption of the cloud, there is currently a lot of momentum. In fact, when I think of Microsoft Windows, we sold a few cloud-based servers during the client-server era. It's an entirely different game.

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