Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Makeup hacks you should never attempt


We all want to look elegant and beautiful without spending a lot of time on makeup, so we're always looking for good makeup hacks. However, "hurry is the work of the devil," as the saying goes.

Everybody has become a makeup expert thanks to the digital age, sharing their own makeup routine, replicating celebrity makeup looks, and most importantly, sharing makeup hacks.

On social media, you might come across 100 makeup hacks, but did you know that some of them are actually big mistakes?

Since makeup not only highlights our best features but also gives our skin a glow, it is a common part of our daily routine. Additionally, a lot of makeup lovers enjoy experimenting with various time-saving and product-playing strategies.

In the meantime, some of these viral methods might actually make your skin worse than they help.

Lip liners as an eye waterline 

The expert advises against this method because lip liners contain pigments that last a long time and can irritate the eyes. Apply Kajal sparingly if you have hyperpigmented skin around your dark circles.

Lipstick as a blush

 The most common cosmetics technique is to use lipstick as a blush. However, because dark lipsticks and liquid matte lipsticks contain darker pigment, the expert suggests against using them as blush. She also mentions that it is not recommended to massage the cheeks because doing so may make already-darkened marks even darker. She suggests, on the other hand, applying a light-colored cream blush that is easy to blend.

Petroleum jelly for huge eyelashes

 Although it makes sense that you would want longer eyelashes, you should never apply petroleum jelly to them. It will not make your eyelashes grow longer or thicker. As a result, small cysts will form under your eyes. If you want long lashes, use castor oil instead.

Use BIG No x 100 as a blackheads remover and pore cleanser with this hack. While using glue on your face is absolutely forbidden, applying and removing glue from your hands was acceptable as a child. Since glue is made with chemicals we can't even imagine, it will cause skin irritation and other problems. It will cause the most severe damage to the skin.

The most bizarre hack is Deodorant Rolls as Primer, and no one should use it. It is made with a lot of chemicals, some of which could hurt the skin and even leave scars on it.

Applying soap to the brows to make hair strokes visible and hold them in place is not recommended because doing so could weaken the hairs to the point where they will fall out.

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