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Vijay, the upcoming Rajinikanth, It was replied 20 years ago by Superstar


Dil Raju, the producer of Varisu, said that Vijay was a bigger star than Ajith. Additionally, the debate developed a new dimension for some reason: Is Rajinikanth bigger than Vijay?

"Who will soon be a superstar?" has been a topic of intense discussion on a number of Tamil news channels. Additionally, it appears to be the sole topic of discussion across social media platforms. Rajinikanth, the superstar, has held that position for more than 40 years. Vijay and Ajith Kumar are currently the most prominent candidates who are being considered for the title of "the next Rajinikanth."

Dil Raju, the producer of Varisu, said that Vijay was a bigger star than Ajith. Additionally, the debate developed a new dimension for some reason: Is Rajinikanth bigger than Vijay?

In case you haven't heard, the search for the next Superstar began twenty years ago. Rajinikanth is synonymous with the English noun "superstar," which can be used to refer to other well-known celebrities without much thought in Tamil Nadu. The experts on the market have not yet been able to identify a solid candidate for that position. Many people dismissed Rajinikanth after the box office failure of Baba (2002). It was touted as the end of his dominance at the box office. As a result, the hunt for the next Rajinikanth began. However, he still holds a significant share of the market and has produced the most successful blockbusters in Indian cinema's history (Enthiran, Kabali, and 2.0). He is still going strong at 72.

For instance, Rajinikanth's three films made a combined total of Rs 1000 crore from worldwide ticket sales in about seven months between 2018 and 2019.

All stars, including Vijay and Ajith, have maintained that Rajinikanth cannot be surpassed. And there won't be any debate because everyone will agree. He will always be a cultural icon that can't be replaced. His contribution to entertainment and the global expansion of Indian cinema cannot be matched. The whole argument is about which of the current crop of top Tamil movie stars has the most money at the box office. However, the discussion has diverted and changed course.

Rajinikanth does not like his position as "Superstar." He values it and takes pleasure in it while he can. However, he never intends to keep it forever. He also stated the same thing in clear terms approximately 20 years ago.

At the celebration of Saamy's success (2003), Rajinikanth was the main guest. Vikram starred in the lead role, and the movie was a huge success at the box office. At the time, Vikram's performance and director Hari's talent amazed Rajinikanth. Additionally, his praise for the movie was extremely generous. Rajinikanth hadn't signed any new movies since Baba's failure. I'm also getting tired of doing the same things. He had stated at the event, "I will definitely do it if I find a subject that interests me."

Top-tier actors Vijay, Vikram, and Suriya, who were touted as potential replacements for Rajinikanth in Tamil cinema, attended the event. In addition, Rajinikanth did not hesitate to offer the younger stars some pointers on how to achieve stardom in Tamil cinema.

Rajinikanth addresses the issue as follows: Who will succeed Rajinikanth?

Superstar is comparable to Commissioner, IG, DIG, CM, and PM positions. Superstar is another post that evolves over time and passes from person to person. That position will remain despite the retirement of the incumbent. King, live long, they say. However, there will be a new king at the king's death. During a specific time, the Superstar is the actor who has a lot of hits, makes a lot of money, has a lot of fans, and makes movies that don't hurt investors.

One thing to keep in mind: don't expect me to do that until I'm gone. The first half of any profession is all about putting in the effort, earning money, fame, and a reputation, and the second half is all about protecting what we have earned. Therefore, the wise person won't try to safeguard everything. Some will be let go. Building a castle in the sand is like fame. You can construct it, but how long will you keep watch over it? It's possible to have people guard it, but how will you protect it from the wind or rain?

I'll explain what I did. I didn't look around randomly. I took off my blinkers and went in my own direction. I am both my own friend and foe. I do not compete with other films; I only compete with my own films. Now, Padayappa is my rival. I want to hit harder than Padayappa next. Saamy competes with Vikram. Kaakha Kaakha is in competition with Suriya. Friends or Kadhalukku Mariyadhai is Vijay's rival. You will naturally progress and grow if you continue along that path.

Second, limit your inner circle to a small number of people and avoid having a lot of wants.

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