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When Sanjay Khan revealed the horrific fire catastrophe that occurred on the Tipu Sultan sets, he added, "Doctors said I had less than 10% chance of survival."


Sanjay Khan, who also played the lead role in the film, was in charge of financing and directing the 1990 episode of The Sword of Tipu Sultan. On Tuesday, the actor turned one year older.

Since he made his first foray into the film industry in 1962 with an uncredited role, actor and filmmaker Sanjay Khan has been involved in numerous projects. He then, at that point, proceeded to star in notable creations like Dhund, Das Lakh, Mela, Naagin and the television series The Blade of Tipu King throughout the long term.

However, he was delayed for more than a year due to a tragic accident on his production project, the historical drama The Sword of Tipu Sultan. A fire broke out on the sets of their show in Mysore, Karnataka, killing 62 people just days after filming began. The show was based on Bhagwan S Gidwani's book of the same name. Khan sustained serious injuries as a result, and filming was halted while the lead actor, director, and producer recovered for more than a year. Khan returned to work 13 months later and finished the DD National show, which received praise from both audiences and critics.

Khan has discussed that event that changed his life numerous times over the years. Sanjay Khan vividly described the events in his memoir The Best Mistakes of My Life, which reads, "Shooting started in the evening and after a couple of shots, at around 8.30 p.m., as the lighting was going on, I went out to chat with my writer, Nawa Lucknowi." After about half an hour, I heard a lot of noise coming from inside. As the studio's large barn doors were closing, I dropped the cup of tea I was holding and charged through the small wicker gate. I was shaken to my core by what I saw. The studio's left side was on fire. Above, on the catwalk, I could see a lighting man attempting to extinguish the blazes with a piece of material. I shouted at him and told him to get down right away. I also instructed one person to open the barn doors and another to call the fire department at the same time.

“Just then, like a cannonball, something hit me on the back of my head, and I fell to the ground. It turned out to be a paint can. I persevered despite the wound it had inflicted and concentrated on the task at hand: protecting my crew. Khan wrote, "I clearly didn't realize the severity of that crater in retrospect, and one that would bullishly remain with me for an excruciatingly painful nine months."

In a prior interview with Bollywood Hungama, the entertainer had shared how his significant other Zarine Khan turned into his greatest help during this season of coercion. The actor even went into detail about how former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had assisted him at the time: I am extremely grateful to Rajiv Gandhi, the former Indian Prime Minister, for sending AIIMS doctors because he was so concerned. Before my wife entered the room, the doctors informed her that I had a chance of less than 10% of survival. In addition, in this circumstance, I have the greatest respect for my wife because she did not enter the room crying and screaming like any other woman. With grace and a grin on her face, she walked.

However, Khan had faith that things would ultimately improve, even during those unstable and uncertain times. "When I looked at my wife, I said "don't worry darling, we will start shooting now"," he told Bollywood Hungama. She later informed me that the force of your voice gave me heart strength. My eyes' slits were all you could see at the time. The most hurt was my family, including my children. I will never, ever wish it on any individual. Despite my life's many ups and downs, I am a very determined man. (I believe) Whoever loses the battle loses the heart. Jo aadmi darr jata hai, wo marr jata hai (A man who is constantly afraid is nearly dead) Thirteen months after returning, I performed Tipu Sultan. Like a phoenix emerging from ashes."

The Sword of Tipu Sultan was originally intended to be made into a full-length movie, but due to widespread piracy at the time, that option was dropped. Khan had asserted that his show had a very high production value and that the Mysore government had given him complete backing to make the series. In February 1990, the show finally premiered on DD National.

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