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World Cup of Hockey: Emily Calderon is helping Belgium win

Hockey World Cup: Emily Calderon is helping Belgium corner glory

 BHUBANESWAR: Emily Calderon, Belgium's video analyst, has been a major contributor to the country's remarkable success in hockey over the past few years.

Calderon has helped Shane McLeod conquer the world, from helping the Red Lions win the World Cup in 2018 to winning the gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo. She is planning more glory for the team at the World Cup in this country, where Belgium is already in the quarterfinals, and she is working with Belgium's new coach, Michel van den Heuvel.

She does everything, from recording all of Belgium's matches and those of their opponents to sending live suggestions. I can send images to an iPad on the bench during the game so the coach can see the positions from behind the goal. Calderon wrote to TOI, "He can then make changes if needed or confirm what we have planned."

Her most significant contribution, however, comes as the team gets ready to defend penalty corners.

We attempt to predict the opponent's next decision by observing all previous choices. I collaborate closely with Belgium goalkeeper Vincent Vanasch to provide him with all the information he needs to properly prepare. She stated, "We want to feel prepared for every situation the evening before a big game."

Even though PC conversion rates have decreased, Belgium's recent record of protecting PCs has been remarkable.

They have conceded eight PCs in their three World Cup matches, but they have not conceded a goal from them. They allowed just two goals from 18 PCs at the Olympics, and they gave up 5 PCs in the four Pro League games before that. She assists with all "set plays, general outletting, and pressing patterns" while PCs remain the key. However, regardless of what she does, she must act quickly because the teams typically play matches one day apart during a tournament, making her work extremely difficult.

My primary goal is to improve the coaches' efficiency in their work. We frequently play within 48 hours, so time is very important. I accomplish this by consistently coding everything so that they are always aware of where to find what. Additionally, I create databases annually for individual skills, penalty corners, goals, shootouts, and penalties,” the analyst stated.

Calderon works with the Belgium club Waterloo Ducks in addition to the national team. He helped them win the European Hockey League in 2019 despite them being complete underdogs. She is well aware, despite all of her efforts, that the players ultimately win, and she cannot express enough gratitude for them.

The fact that players put in a lot of effort is the best part of hockey. Players will prepare for penalty corners and shootouts on their own while watching their own games and those of their opponents. She included

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