Monday, February 27, 2023

According to Putin, NATO is providing weapons during the battle

Nato taking part in conflict with arms supplies, says Putin


MOSCOW: In support of Russia's recent suspension of its participation in the New START treaty, Russian President Putin stated in an interview that was broadcast on Sunday that Russia has no choice but to take into account the nuclear capabilities of NATO.

During the conflict in Ukraine, Putin repeatedly asserted that Nato members are seeking Russia's "strategic defeat," posing a serious existential threat. On Russian state television, he stated that the need to "ensure security, strategic stability" for Russia necessitated the suspension of New START. How can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in these circumstances when all of the leading NATO nations have stated that their primary objective is to defeat us strategically? Putin stated

He also said that the West planned to break up Russia and that Nato members were contributing to the conflict in Ukraine by donating arms to the country. They are delivering weapons worth tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine. In the interview that aired on Sunday with the Rossiya-1 channel, Putin stated, "This truly is participation." "This indicates that they are participating, albeit indirectly, in the crimes that the Kyiv regime is committing," Putin stated.

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