Wednesday, February 8, 2023

According to a Snapchat report, social media has an overall positive impact on Gen Z in India


From a group of six nations surveyed for the Snapchat report, India had the highest DWBI (Digital Well-Being Index) score of any country, coming in at number 68.

According to a new report, social media has a positive overall effect on Generation Z in India. On the 20th anniversary of Safer Internet Day (SID), Snapchat released its study, which found that India had the highest DWBI of any country, with 68. Gen Z's online psychological well-being is measured by the Digital Well-Being Index (DWBI).

An online survey of 9,000 respondents—Gen Z teens (aged 13 to 17), Gen Z adults (aged 18 to 24), and parents of children aged 13 to 19—from six nations—Australia, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States—led to the creation of the DWB Index.

With a count of 67, India had the highest rate of DWBI among males and females. This was broken up into: parents at 69, Generation Z at 64, and adolescents at 70 In addition, 88% of Gen Zs in India stated that social media positively influences them.

On a scale of 0 to 100—"neither particularly favourable nor particularly worrisome"—the DWBI for the six countries is 62, which Snap describes as a reading that is "somewhat average." Rankings by country showed India at the top with a DWBI of 68, the United States at 64, Australia at 63, the United Kingdom at 62, and France and Germany at 60, both below the six-country average.

Over three-quarters of Gen-Z respondents stated that social media improved their quality of life. Teens (84%) and males (81%) held this belief more strongly than Gen Z young adults (71%) and females (75%). Seventy-three percent of parents' views on social media were in line with those of Gen Z adults.

The PERNA model, which is a variation of an existing well-being theory with 20 sentiment statements divided into five categories, is used in DWBI. Achievement, engagement, positive emotions, relationships, and negative emotions Twenty statements were presented, and respondents were asked how much they agreed with them. Twenty statements were presented, and respondents were asked how much they agreed with them. One statement, for instance, falls under the Engagement category and reads, "Got totally absorbed with what I was doing online."

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