Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Explainer: How a balloon derailed Blinken's visit to China

Explainer: How a balloon derailed Blinken's China visit

 Two days after the American military shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon, China on Monday accused the United States of indiscriminate use of force, claiming that the incident had "seriously impacted and damaged both sides' efforts and progress in stabilizing Sino-US relations."

Action taken by the US The US shot down a balloon off the coast of Carolina after it passed through North American sensitive military installations. China insisted that a civilian aircraft was the cause of the flyover.

Visit canceled The balloon's presence above the United States dealt a severe blow to relations between China and the United States, which had been in a downward spiral for years.

It caused Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, to abruptly cancel a high-stakes Beijing trip intended to ease tensions.

Conflict between the United States and China Both sides have been at odds for a long time regarding the presence of US warships in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait, which China considers to be its own waters and the United States considers to be international waters.

The fact that China has asserted its physical presence well within the sovereign borders of America is remarkable about the balloon incident.

Laws of the air: 

According to international agreements, every nation has "complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory." In international law, however, the upper limit of sovereign airspace is unclear.

In practice, it typically extends to the maximum operating altitude of commercial and military aircraft, which is approximately 13.7 kilometers or 45,000 feet. It was reported that the Chinese balloon was traveling at a distance of 60,000 feet.

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