Thursday, February 23, 2023

As sanctions are lifted, the WHO is'moving quickly' to provide disaster relief in Syria

WHO 'moving rapidly' with Syria quake relief as sanctions are paused


GENEVA: The World Wellbeing Association (WHO) said on Wednesday it was exploiting an impermanent facilitating of approvals against Syria intended to permit philanthropic guide to be all the more handily dispersed in the conflict torn country after dangerous seismic tremors.

Rick Brennan, Regional Emergency Director of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, stated at a briefing, "The WHO is moving very quickly right now together with our partners to take advantage of this pause in the sanctions."

"We are working with UN partners on a collective approach to take advantage of the pause, and we have already started ordering equipment and supplies."

The United Nations reports approximately 4,525 deaths in northwest Syria. Aid efforts are being hampered by the fact that the region is ruled by rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

In addition to the devastating earthquake, the rebel-held region of northwestern Syria has been at risk for infections.

According to WHO officials, the organization has increased its supply of medicines for non-communicable diseases, painkillers, trauma supplies, and antibiotics to the nation, with a primary focus on the northwest.

According to Catherine Smallwood, WHO's senior emergency officer for Europe, the organization has re-established its distribution channels within Syria and moved over 139 tonnes of additional medical supplies, including antibiotics and surgical supplies, to affected areas.

Officials from the WHO also said that they are working to improve water and sanitation in northwest Syria. They have 1.7 million doses of oral cholera vaccines on hand and plan to distribute them to the most at-risk communities by the first week of March.

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