Friday, February 24, 2023

Google Docs will get a new look, and Drive and Sheets will get new tools


The Workspace applications that Google offers are undergoing a redesign. Soon, the productivity tools will have some interesting features and a new look and feel.

Applications like Google Workspace are present in almost every facet of our professional lives. Every application, from Docs to Sheets, has assisted working professionals worldwide. Google's utility apps have been frequently reinvented in terms of new features and interfaces, just like the majority of applications.

Google's Workspace application is getting a fresh new look, according to a new report. Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides will soon be compatible with Material Design 3 from Google. The redesign of Gmail is said to have a lot in common with the new look. The search engine giant appears determined to emphasize the toolbar and comments section against the white layout by adding additional dark hues. With the new update, the edges of the Share button will be more rounded.

Additionally, Google has improved Drive to make it easier for users to complete routine tasks. When they hover over a file in their Google Drive, users will now be able to see Share, Download, and Delete Multiple Files at Once inline. Additionally, users will be able to filter content type, owner, and last modified date using a search chips option in the new interface. Users will be able to quickly access their files thanks to this.

In addition, Google has revealed additional smart canvas features. The company stated in its blog, "We're excited to share more about the innovations in smart canvas and a refreshed user interface that break down the boundaries between apps and streamline the flow of work."

The tech giant has also revealed additional smart chip-related features to assist users in making data-driven decisions. Users can get context-setting information from smart chips directly from Sheets. Google is currently expanding the kinds of data and information that can be accessed throughout Workspace to support various projects. The goal of the new features, which include smart chip data extraction, place smart chips, and finance smart chips, is to make the spreadsheet use data more effectively.

Custom Building, Calendar Invite Template, Variables, Emoji Voting chips, and third-party smart chip capabilities have also been revealed by Google on its interface. In the coming weeks, all of these updates will be released.

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