Friday, February 10, 2023

How Microsoft's OpenAI-powered Bing could change the way people search for information around the world


With Bing and the Edge browser, Microsoft promises to soon provide the next chapter in search: more conversational and direct information, making the internet itself appear more human.

During an event held Tuesday at Microsoft's Redmond, Washington, headquarters, CEO Satya Nadella stated, "It's a new day in search." The race begins today; we will move quickly." Those remarks, which come from one of Silicon Valley's most powerful executives, are analogous to what Steve Jobs said when he introduced the iPhone in 2007. The phone will be redesigned today by Apple, and here it is. Even though they were written at different times and in different contexts, they both point to the upcoming shift in tech fundamentals they herald. 

The recent announcement by Microsoft that it will be integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT into Bing search and the Edge browser is being hailed as a moment of disruption unlike any other since the iPhone's introduction sixteen years ago. If the wager is successful, it may alter how we search the internet by providing users with information in a condensed form based on multiple sources rather than having them visit individual websites. The way search looks now will never be the same again.

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