Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Infosys, like Wipro, asks freshers who fail the test to leave

Infosys follows Wipro, asks freshers who fail test to exit

 BENGALURU: Infosys, like Wipro, has fired hundreds of new hires who failed the internal assessment test at the end of their training period. In the IT industry, this is a common practice that also increases infant attrition, or employees who leave the company within 90 days of joining. Before being assigned to billable projects, the new hires receive extensive training.

According to sources who spoke with TOI, freshmen have two chances to pass the exam, failing which they will not be hired. The offer letter also makes this clear. On condition of anonymity, freshmen who spoke with TOI said they were asked to take the test within six months of finishing their training.

“Many got projects after our training because the business needed them. Those who were unable to locate anything were requested to take the exam. And those who failed have been asked to leave among them. Others with projects have not been affected, according to a newcomer who spoke with TOI. TOI did not receive a response to its inquiry regarding Infosys.

Following a training program, 452 freshers were recently laid off by Wipro after failing internal tests. It is rumored that the company waived the Rs 75,000 training fee it used to train new hires.

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