Monday, February 27, 2023

Jin from BTS 'welcomes' J-Hope to his mandatory military service and teaches him the importance of eye contact "The salutation angle should be..."

 After Jin, J-Hope would be the next person to leave for the military. The rapper-choreographer's plans were announced yesterday in a statement by Big Hit, the BTS agency.

J-Hope announced that he would soon begin the process of enlisting in the military and would cancel his military postponement in the next development of plot twists of the BTS variety. Fans weren't prepared for this to happen so quickly, as many were under the impression that Suga would follow. However, Jin, who had left for military service last year, briefly returned to Instagram after Big Hit's startling announcement to brighten the mood. ARMY was somewhat cheered to watch him and J-Hope engage in their usual amusing banter.

After writing, "Welcome," Jin informed J-Hope that he was going to be in a "private" class and added, "Don't think about making an eye contact because I'm a private first class and you're private." This marked the beginning of the conversation. Fans interpreted Jin's instruction of J-Hope on how to salute as retaliation for the numerous instances in which J-Hope had disciplined him while teaching him intricate choreography. They advised maintaining an angle of 30 degrees from the ground and raising your upper arm in line with your wrist. You should also keep your forearm between 30 and 45 degrees.

 "You're a tiger assistant trainer," J-Hope replied. Fans were delighted by this conversation, writing, "My god, they're so unserious..." and "Trust Jin to come and lighten the mood..." shortly after J-Hope's enlistment was announced. The rapper-choreographer then appeared on Live and stated that it was not yet a "farewell," as he has merely applied for the cancellation or postponement. Additionally, he disclosed that Jin had called from the military camp to offer him some helpful advice. He also expressed regret that he would not be able to support the other members during their solo performances, but he promised to do so "quietly" from wherever he was. He asked his fans to trust him as he left the Live show. On The Street, J-Hope's final offering to fans, will be available on March 2.

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