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MC Stan, Bigg Boss 16 winner, on defeating 'brother' Shiv Thakare and trolls calling him 'undeserving': 'Mujhe fark nahi padta,' says the speaker


MC Stan, Bigg Boss 16 winner, on his "unexpected win" over best friend Shiv Thakare and trolls who said he was "undeserving" of the trophy.

MC Stan emerged victorious on Bigg Boss 16 nearly four months later. The underground rapper defeated Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary to win the trophy, which included a car and a prize of Rs 31.8 lakh. The rapper exclusively spoke with shortly after the winner was announced, revealing that he had no expectation of winning the show.

“I don't think there are enough words to adequately express how I feel right now. It's a totally different sensation. Shiv and I were in different places, and we didn't know what would happen because Salman Khan sir was having fun with us until the very end. Honestly, I've seen unexpected things in my life all my life, but this is something totally different,” Stan said with a grin. The rapper also said that the show taught him how to say no and gave him a new experience. describing how, despite the fact that he did not have the money himself, he would lend it to his acquaintances when they approached him for a loan. Because I learned so much, every day in the house has been a worthwhile experience. Additionally, I believe I have matured as a person, but most importantly, I have learned how to say no. I simply lacked the ability to say no. In the past, in an effort to assist others, I would put myself in difficult circumstances. However, this show has taught me how crucial it is to say no.

In recent weeks, MC Stan has shown a different side of himself by expressing his opinions and even joking with his fans. As a result, we inquired as to his wish to have started the game from the beginning. Stan agreed and said that he now regrets not having "understood" the show earlier. Main sochta aise... samajh jaana tha However, the journey is bohot rawas thi. Journey ko barni mein bhar ke rakhne ka (Even I regret not having previously understood the game. However, I had a wonderful trip, and I will treasure each and every moment of it.

The rapper stated that defeating his brother Shiv Thakare, his best friend, did "hurt a bit." I felt a little bad because I know it was his dream. However, each of the house's 16 contestants deserved to win the show. I believe it was only a matter of a few votes that I won because Shiv is a brother. However, I have to add that neither of us wanted to lose, so we are both content.

A portion of the audience has criticized his victory as "unfair" despite his ecstatic fans. MC Stan stated, "I honestly don't care about them, mujhe fark nahi padta mama," in response to trolls' claims that he did not deserve to be crowned champion. In fact, I like people who are envious. It is a human emotion that comes very easily. It only takes accepting that this wasn't meant for you. I'm shocked, like most fans, but I think I deserved to win,” the rapper concluded.

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