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Nokia X30 5G review: A flagship reimagined in a classic design


The Nokia X30 is designed for minimalists who still value the venerable brand but also want a phone with a premium feel, a long battery life, and a decent camera.

When I went to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to get my hands on the Nokia 9 PureView, that was the last time I saw a flagship Nokia smartphone. Even though critics gave the phone mixed reviews, I thought HMD Global would keep making flagship phones. That did not occur. HMD Global, on the other hand, became a shell. However, the Finnish company has finally returned to the high-end smartphone market four years after releasing the Nokia 9 PureView. However, in contrast to its rivals, it has chosen to avoid the specs competition. The new Nokia X30 does not intend to compete with the iPhone 14 or Galaxy S23. Instead, it convinces customers with features like long battery life and the traditional Nokia design. After using the Nokia X30 for more than a week, here is what I think about Nokia's return to the premium phone market.

According to our review, the Nokia X30 costs: Rs. 48,999 How does the Nokia X30 look?

I feel good whenever I hold the Nokia X30 in my hand. The phone has left an indelible mark, whether nostalgic or not. In stark contrast to other modern smartphones, it exudes a calmness akin to zen. The Nokia X30 immediately struck me as resembling older Lumia smartphones, and to be honest, I was longing for a product of this generation from Nokia.

The device, which is available in Ice White or Cloudy Blue, has a premium feel and is made of high-quality materials. The phone fits perfectly and looks great. On the right side are the power and volume buttons, and on the bottom are speakers, a USB-C port, and a port for SIM cards. The back is made of polycarbonate, like the backs of old Nokia phones.

However, for me, that is not a significant issue. Actually, I liked the matte finish, which is smooth like a fine cloth. The phone's front is dominated by a Gorilla Glass-coated display, and the corners have been strengthened with a sturdy metal frame. Compared to my iPhone 14, the Nokia X30 is significantly slimmer and more refined. Even though I would say it is a little taller, the size is still manageable. I've reviewed a lot of smartphones over the years, but I'm not sure what the "right" size is. The phone is dust- and water-resistant and has an IP67 rating.

How is the Nokia X30's display?

Even though the display on the Nokia X30 is impressive, it is not as good as the Galaxy S23's. It has a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display and can be set to refresh at 90 Hz. After watching a few episodes of Sex Education, I was impressed by the display's brightness, clarity, and appealing appearance. The text on eBooks and web pages appeared crisp. The fact that I could edit copies and read while I was walking in the park in the morning was the most impressive aspect of the display for me. However, a larger display with even brighter colors would have made watching anime much more enjoyable.

How effective is the Nokia X30?

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage power the Nokia X30. I won't try to convince you that the Snapdragon 695 performs as well as the most recent Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which powers devices such as the OnePlus 11 and Galaxy S23. However, one thing I can tell you is that, year after year, performance gains from brand-new flagship chips aren't as high as they were three years ago. Although the Nokia X30 isn't a power ninja, it ran very smoothly and didn't have any performance issues when used regularly. On the way to the office, I could still edit copies, check my Linkedin feed, and listen to podcasts. However, the Nokia X30 might be a good option for you if, like me, you only need a phone for essential tasks. If you want to play games with a lot of graphics, like Genshin Impact, I'd suggest looking elsewhere than the Nokia X30.

How long does the Nokia X30's battery last?

How long the Nokia X30's battery would last was one of my concerns. I've experienced the same sensation with each smartphone I use. As a frequent smartphone user, I will not recommend that phone to my readers if the battery life falls short of my expectations. It is applicable to each and every smartphone I receive for review, regardless of its price. Although the Nokia X30 appears to have a 4200mAh battery, I was able to use it for an entire day without using the power adapter thanks to its powerful Snapdragon 695 processor. Of course, the Nokia X30's battery life varies from use to use, but on average, it lasted a day, assuming I started my day at 8:30 am and finished it around 7:30 pm. However, the absence of a charging adapter and wireless charging on the Nokia X30 is one thing I will miss.

How good is the Nokia X30's camera?

Despite the fact that photography is very personal and subjective, I do not adhere to any particular school of thought when evaluating images. I've seen low-end smartphones with better cameras than many high-profile ones. In any case, the Nokia X30 has a main 50MP lens and an ultra-wide 13MP lens on the back. When the lighting is right, the Nokia PureView camera can take bright shots with lots of details. I was especially dazzled when I took several representation shots of my associate in the workplace. However, the low-light settings on the Nokia X30 had the greatest impact on me. It was actually able to take beautiful pictures at dawn and at night with little noise.

Impressive are the outcomes. I took this picture at night while visiting a Delhi outdoor market.

Although the Nokia X30's camera is not exactly on par with that of the iPhone 14, I can still rely on it to take photos that I want to share with my friends. Like any other camera system, the Nokia X30 has some flaws, such as the occasional tendency to produce shots that are too bright, making them appear less natural.

Observation The Nokia X30 has Android 12, a three-year warranty, and regular updates to the operating system. Similar to a Pixel smartphone, the user interface is light and mostly fast. However, there are a few pre-loaded applications on the phone, including Linkedin, Netflix, Spotify, and GoPro Quick: Video Editor that is simple to remove.

Do you need the Nokia X30?

That depends on your user profile. The Nokia X30 is designed for minimalists who still value the venerable brand but also want a phone with a premium feel, a long battery life, and a decent camera. However, given that HMD Global is charging the highest price for a phone that is essentially a mid-range phone, the Nokia X30 does appear to be expensive to many.

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