Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Railway Budget 2023: New Vande Bharat trains and an emphasis on electrification are expected


Live Railway Budget for 2023: As part of the budget announcements, Indian Railways is likely to concentrate on the deployment of hundreds of brand-new Vande Bharat trains. In 2016, the Railway Budget was merged into the Union Budget, and it is no longer presented in separate packages. There are rumors that an allocation of Rs. 1.9 lakh crore could be included in the Railway Budget 2023.

2023's Railway Budget: Vande Bharat trains Indian Railways has been concentrating its efforts on the introduction of 75 Vande Bharat trains by August 2023. In the meantime, it is anticipated that the tender for the production of 200 Vande Bharat sleeper trains will be awarded soon. On the Indian Railways network, chair car services known as Vande Bharat Express trains are gradually replacing Shatabdi Express trains. The sleeper Vande Bharat Express trains will try to take over for the more expensive Rajdhani Express trains.

400-500 semi-high-speed Vande Bharat trains are anticipated to be announced in the Railway Budget 2023. In order to run Vande Bharat trains to their full potential, experts in the railway industry have emphasized the necessity of upgrading major tracks to 160 kmph speed potential.

The introduction of Vande Bharat trains by Indian Railways has also been recognized as a significant initiative by Economic Survey 2023. Integral Coach Factory, Chennai, produced indigenously produced semi-high-speed self-propelled Vande Bharat Trainsets. According to the Survey, these trains have cutting-edge features like rapid acceleration, a significant reduction in travel time, a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour, onboard information technology, and a GPS-based passenger information system, among other things.

In addition, the Indian Railways' efforts toward 100% electrification and shift toward green energy initiatives are anticipated to be highlighted in the Railway Budget 2023. Along with updates on the dedicated freight corridor projects, redevelopment of railway stations is likely to be a major component of the Railway Budget.

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