Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Selfie box office take Day 4: Even Kartik Aaryan's Shehzada outperformed Akshay Kumar's movie on Monday


Day 4: Selfiee's box office haul The first Monday test was a failure for the film starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi because it continued to flounder at ticket counters.

Last week's Selfiee, which was co-produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and starred Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi, did poorly at the box office. Even over the weekend, it was unable to pick up the pace after opening with a "disastrous" collection on Friday. On its first Monday, the film's collections decreased even more, adding only Rs 1.6 crore to its total.

According to the industry tracker Sacnilk, Selfiee had a 9.39% occupancy rate. The movie brought in approximately Rs 11.9 crore in four days. After 2022's Ram Setu, Raksha Bandhan, Samrat Prithviraj, and Bachchhan Paandey, this is Akshay's fifth consecutive flop. With the exception of BellBottom, which came out during the pandemic, Selfiee has been his worst box office release in a decade.

On their fourth day in theaters, each of his flops performed better than Selfiee. On the fourth day of release, Ram Setu made Rs 5.92 crore, Raksha Bandhan made Rs 7.05 crore, Samrat Prithviraj made Rs 5 crore, and Bachhchan Paandey made Rs 3.37 crore. On its first Monday, even Kartik Aaryan's Shehzada, which has struggled at ticket counters, performed slightly better than Selfiee, earning Rs 1.82 billion.

After Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan's record-breaking run, industry insiders were hopeful that the Hindi film industry would reclaim its former glory when Selfiee failed. The spy thriller has now earned Rs 525 million across all of India.

However, Akshay is aware that the audience has evolved and that he must adapt. Akshay accepts responsibility for the failure of his films, despite the fact that this is not the first time he has experienced consecutive failures. When asked about his recent failures, Akshay had stated, "This is not happening with me for the first time" in an interview with Aaj Tak. I have had 16 consecutive flops in my career. At one point, I had eight unsuccessful films in a row. I've now had three to four unsuccessful films in a row. When a movie doesn't work, it's your fault. The audience has changed, and you need to change and break down. Because the audience wants to see something else, you have to start over.

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