Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The new lifestyle beauty category is oral care


The saying "a healthy smile goes a long way" is something that we have all heard. People are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining good health, and after the prolonged pandemic, social interaction is returning to normal.

People's attention and awareness on oral hygiene and health have increased as a result of the exponential growth in social media presence and the Gen Z and Millennials' obsession with aesthetics and the picture-perfect smile.

The days when makeup and dressing style ranked beauty parameters are long gone. The widespread acceptance, awareness, and inclination toward dental treatment has increased as a result of the revolutionary advancements in dental technology, such as clear aligners and painless dental treatment. As a result, oral care has become an everyday habit.

Most people were afraid of getting dental work done and didn't want it because of the old ways of doing it. However, the last few years have been marked by a technological breakthrough, and procedures like treatment planning, digital design, and artificial intelligence have improved outcomes, patient confidence, and trust in the dentist.

People now recognize the importance of maintaining good oral and overall health because maintaining our homes and wearing new brand labels to parties is no longer the only trend. People follow primary care practices like flossing, gargling, and brushing twice a day. However, more people are also going to the dentist for checkups and routine cleanings.

Dentists and knowledge-sharing platforms have grown as a result of social media; People have been aided in discussing and treating dental issues by the friendly approach. As a result, dental issues are no longer a secret anymore. Instead, they typically seek treatment as soon as possible.

Because of this, we also live in a generation in which the vast majority of people are literate and are aware of the negative effects of poor oral health. They recognize the importance of their well-being and are aware of the negative effects and side effects of any unhealthy habit.

The field of dentistry as a whole is moving in the direction of good health while also deeply rooted in cosmetic science. Clear aligners, for example, are a treatment option that instantly attracts patients because they serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. A certain age group has also been attracted to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, teeth jewelry, and cosmetic surgeries.

Dental hygiene is no longer dreary or scary thanks to advances in technology. The wellness and self-care culture has provided the industry with new opportunities. The development of oral care as a lifestyle beauty product or service is anticipated to accelerate as an increasing number of young consumers opt for an oral beauty experience.

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