Friday, March 10, 2023

Apple Music Classical will be available on March 28th, and the app is now available for pre-order


On the App store, you can now pre-order the much-anticipated Apple Music Classical app.

Apple has some great news for all classical music fans. Apple Music Classical, the company's exclusive music app, will be available on March 28. The tech giant with its headquarters in Cupertino has made the announcement.

The initial release date for the application that was acquired from the music service Primephonic was toward the end of 2022. However, users will now be able to take advantage of it sooner. Users are now able to pre-order the app ahead of its release on the App Store.

The new app will be available as a stand-alone app in the App Store and requires an Apple Music subscription. According to the company's official press release, Apple Music Classical makes it simple to locate any recording from the largest classical music collection in the world. Listeners will be able to enjoy the highest audio quality, including spatial audio, on their favorite classical recordings because the catalogue has been fully optimized for search.

The classical genre is said to be the best way to experience the enhanced audio experience offered by Apple's spatial audio. Users of the new app will have access to notable works, curated playlists, insightful biographies, thousands of exclusive albums, and more.

According to the app's description on the App Store, "Apple Music Classical also makes it easy for beginners to get acquainted with the genre thanks to hundreds of Essentials playlists, insightful composer biographies, deep-dive guides for many key works, and intuitive browsing features."

The application can stream thousands of spatial audio recordings and music at up to 192 kHz/24-bit lossless quality. According to Apple, the app will also provide accurate classical metadata, which has been a challenge for numerous music streaming platforms.

In August 2021, Primephonic was purchased by Apple. The Primephonic app was a classical music streaming service that had a lot of artists and tracks and provided a great audio experience.

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