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Exclusive: Rahul Sipligunj of Naatu Naatu remembers meeting Rihanna during her Oscar performance "She stepped forward and thanked us..."


Rahul Sipligunj, the singer of Naatu Naatu, discusses the Oscars, meeting Rihanna, and the road ahead.

At the moment, singer Rahul Sipligunj is enjoying a high. The singer is back in Hyderabad following his memorable performance of RRR's "Naatu Naatu" with Kaala Bhairava at the 95th Academy Awards. In addition, the song won an Oscar, becoming the first Indian film song to do so.

To top it all off, the audience, which included celebrities from all over the world, gave Rahul and Kaala Bhairava a standing ovation for their performance. Rahul tells about his experience, "It was a great feeling." Any artist's dream comes true when they perform on the Oscar stage.

Rahul saw the audience at the Dolby theater get up and clap in support of the energetic performance as soon as it was over. Rahul says he encountered goosebumps at that point.

"I got goose bumps! The auditorium was filled with famous people from all over the world, but the most important thing was that my mentors Rajamouli and MM Keeravani were watching our performance. We had to ensure that we gave it our all and made the RRR team happy. Since it was almost a stage version of Naatu Naatu, that was the entire goal.

In the days leading up to the Oscars, the singers practiced every day for at least 30 minutes. Rihanna, a Barbadian singer who has won nine Grammys, was also in the picture with the singers. The picture was eventually shared by the singers on their social media accounts.

Rahul recalls the meeting saying, "Our green rooms were next to each other, and we were going back to our green room and she was coming out of hers," describing her as a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart. At the point when we were strolling towards her, me and Kaala Bhairava were examining that we need to snap a photo. She noticed that these two men wanted to take a picture but were too shy to ask for it. After that, she came up to us, expressed her gratitude, and she took pictures with us. She was a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and such a humble person.

Their gathering with Rihanna occurred after the Oscar win and Rahul uncovered the discussion they had with the Umbrella vocalist. " She said, "Guys, you did a great job, and congratulations on your Oscar win for Naatu Naatu."

Rahul is concentrating on his work now that he is back in India. The singer, who began his career as an independent artist and progressed to appearing in iconic films, declares that he wants to simply follow the flow.

"I need to take the path of least resistance and on the off chance that a decent open door presents itself my entryway, I most certainly believe should make it happen. He says, "I want to make sure I focus, work harder on my singing, and do some good collaborations."

Rahul intends to investigate playback and independent singing in various languages. The singer says he wants to sing his own music in the same way he sang Naatu Naatu in multiple languages.

Kumaar, who is known for writing the lyrics to Shah Rukh Khan's chart-topping songs Besharam Rang and Jhoome Jo Pathaan, will write the lyrics to his next single, which will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada.

"Basically, I make independent Telugu music and albums. Rahul, who will be singing the same song in Telugu as Nee ayya na mama, says, "After becoming an Oscar-winning singer, I am trying to do it in every language...I want to explore my upcoming project, which in Hindi is titled Tera Bhaiya Mera Saala."

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