Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Google releases a feature for Pixel Watches that can prevent fatal falls


Google is incorporating this emergency SOS feature into its smartwatches, following Apple and Samsung.

It is confirmed! All Pixel watches will soon have fall detection from Google. In October of last year, the tech giant gave hints that the life-saving feature might be added to its premium wearable devices in the future. The wait now appears to be over.

The function is already present in Samsung and Apple's smartwatches. Despite its tardiness, the most recent addition will assist Google in remaining viable in the face of growing competition. From the Pixel Watch App, Google users will now be able to enable automatic fall detection.

The Pixel Watch App's Updates section and the Personal Safety app on phones for the watch will now include information about fall detection, according to the company. Users who wish to activate it on their Pixel Watches will need to manually enable it because it is an opt-in feature.

From a hard fall, the feature is said to activate in about 30 seconds. After sounding an alarm and vibrating, the watch will flash a notification inquiring if the wearer requires assistance. The watch will dial emergency services and share the user's location information if the user does not respond within a minute of the notification.

The Pixel Watch, according to Google, will be able to distinguish between a hard fall, a stumble, or any activity that resembles falling. Once users share their experiences, the claim can only be verified. Apple, Garmin, and Samsung are just a few of the brands with systems in place to detect falls and emergency SOS.

At the Made by Google event in October 2022, the Google Pixel Watch was unveiled. There are two versions of the watch, one with and one without cellular connectivity. Samsung's Exynos 9110 SoC powers it.

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