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Renuka Shahane describes Shah Rukh Khan's first impression when they first met on the set of the movie Circus: He was a bold young man from Delhi


Recently, Renuka Shahane talked about how her initial impression of Shah Rukh Khan changed over time. When she first met Shah Rukh on the Circus set, she thought he was a "brash Delhi boy."

Shah Rukh Khan made his acting debut in the 1989 television series Circus as Shekharan, a young man who is tasked with running a circus. In the show, he starred alongside Renuka Shahane, a well-known star of Hum Aapke Hai Koun. Renuka recently recalled how the two of them fell out of love. In a recent interview, the actor revealed, "We started as very Delhi vs. Bombay-like thing."

Renuka recently talked about how her initial impression of SRK changed over time. When she first met Shah Rukh on the Circus set, she thought of him as a "brash Delhi boy." He was a Delhi kid, exceptionally reckless. During an interview with Pinkvilla, the actor stated, "I was taken aback by his confidence." At the time, I was relatively new.

But Renuka Shahane eventually realized how good her co-star Shah Rukh Khan is. He is very clever and witty. That was excellent. He makes excellent co-stars. He improvises the scenes and gets the right tone because he comes from the theater. That was always part of how he worked. He is so competent. She continued, "He would do it without complaining if you asked him to work for 36 hours at once."

People who have worked with Shah Rukh have frequently mentioned how humble he is and how much he respects everyone on the set. Siddharth Anand, the director of Pathaan, had also mentioned in one of his interviews that SRK used to meet and thank everyone on the Pathaan set after the movie was finished. Renuka Shahane holds no other viewpoint.

She mentioned, "The other thing I noticed about him at that time and really appreciated about him was that he has the greatest respect for every person on the set, from the spot person to the producer." He looks at people in very similar ways. He communicates with the individual; their occupation is irrelevant. He naturally has a warm personality and is very kind to women. These are all excellent qualities.

When Renuka Shahane, who is now married to Ashutosh Rana, went on a movie date with her husband a few days ago, Shah Rukh Khan teased her. In Pathaan, Ashutosh plays SRK's boss. Shah Rukh said, "Col Luthraji ko bataya aapne ki aap meri pehli heroine hain (Did you tell Col Luthra that you are my first heroine)!!" when Renuka posted a photo of herself and Ashutosh from their movie date to social media. Or ought we to keep it a top secret, or else he might fire me from the agency!

Renuka wrote, "Hahaha unsey koi baat chhupti kahaan hai? " in response to Shah Rukh's witty tweet. Aaphi has no antaryaami to speak of. Can anything be concealed from him? Aur chaahey jo ho jaaye, woh aapko fire nahi kar saktey kyunki jo kaam aap kartey hain You have only referred to him as all-knowing. And he can't fire you, no matter what happens, because nobody can do your work.

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