Friday, April 7, 2023

According to the EU, Nintendo will repair game controllers for free

Nintendo is in a new soup after EU has asked the company to provide free repairs for the game controllers that were faulty. EU recognized this after BEUC and other buyers complained that the controllers are breaking down quite easily. EU noted the complaints from the consumer groups and the gaming company has agreed to repair unresponsive console controllers for free.

This special complaint affected both Switch and also the Switch Light. Nintendo said in a statement that it offers to repair such controllers for free whether it has been caused because of wear and tear or its faulty. It also added that even if the guarantee has expired, it will repair them for free.

BEUC applauded the announcement, but it criticized it as a temporary fix.

"This is just a momentary fix that will permit shoppers to have their faulty items fixed free of charge. However, Nintendo can still sell the console with the potential bug, according to a statement from BEUC Deputy Director General Ursula Pachl.
We hope that gamers are finding themselves relieved after this statement from Nintendo.

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